The Detachment

The Detachment John Rain is back And the most charismatic assassin since James Bond San Francisco Chronicle is up against his most formidable enemy yet the nexus of political military media and corporate factions

  • Title: The Detachment
  • Author: Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: 9781612181554
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Rain is back And the most charismatic assassin since James Bond San Francisco Chronicle is up against his most formidable enemy yet the nexus of political, military, media, and corporate factions known only as the Oligarchy.When legendary black ops veteran Colonel Scott Hort Horton tracks Rain down in Tokyo, Rain can t resist the offer a multi million dollarJohn Rain is back And the most charismatic assassin since James Bond San Francisco Chronicle is up against his most formidable enemy yet the nexus of political, military, media, and corporate factions known only as the Oligarchy.When legendary black ops veteran Colonel Scott Hort Horton tracks Rain down in Tokyo, Rain can t resist the offer a multi million dollar payday for the natural causes demise of three ultra high profile targets who are dangerously close to launching a coup in America.But the opposition on this job is going to be too much for even Rain to pull it off alone He ll need a detachment of other deniable irregulars his partner, the former Marine sniper, Dox Ben Treven, a covert operator with ambivalent motives and conflicted loyalties And Larison, a man with a hair trigger and a secret he ll kill to protect.From the shadowy backstreets of Tokyo and Vienna, to the deceptive glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and finally to a Washington, D.C in a permanent state of war, these four lone wolf killers will have to survive presidential hit teams, secret CIA prisons, and a national security state as obsessed with guarding its own secrets as it is with invading the privacy of the populace.But first, they ll have to survive each other.The Detachment is what fans of Eisler, one of the most talented and literary writers in the thriller genre Chicago Sun Times , have been waiting for the worlds of the award winning Rain series, and of the bestselling Fault Line and Inside Out, colliding in one explosive thriller as real as today s headlines and as frightening as tomorrow s.

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    1 thought on “The Detachment”

    1. Sometimes a series can go on too long. Maybe the author runs out of ideas, having exhausted every possible nuance of character and all plausible plot configurations. Such may be the case here with self employed hit-man John Rain. It’s the seventh book in the series and so I guess it’s excusable…well, to some extent. What’s not so acceptable is for the author to come up with a plot so inplausible that it beggars belief and a narrative that explores no previously hidden aspects of our anti [...]

    2. After a four-year absence, assassin John Rain returns in The Detachment. Of late, Rain has been living quietly under the radar in Tokyo, visiting his favorite jazz clubs, coffee shops and whiskey bars, but he remains ever-vigilant and one night, while training at his local daidojo, he notices two Americans who seem strangely out of place. When he sees them a second time, he knows that he has fallen into someone's crosshairs.That someone turns out to be Col Scott Horton, head of a secret military [...]

    3. The John Rain series was one of the best of its kind in the early 21 century, but at some point, it lost its way. With The Detachment, it shows signs of new life. This is a team up with characters from Eisler's other series. A colonel hires Rain and some other soldiers to assassinate political leaders to stave off a deep state coup. The hits are well done, I thought.Then the aftermath of the hit, when everybody is on the run is quite good as well. Rain's friend, Dox, really shines here. The book [...]

    4. Yeah baby. It's love. Once I got past the preliminaries this was can't-put-it-down good for me. The end was a little too pedestrian, but the story still has enough going for it that I want to give it five stars. This is a hybrid, a sort of harmonic convergence of characters from two series, although they don't always converge most harmonically. John Rain and his buddy Dox team up with Ben Treven and Larison at the behest of Colonel Horton, who offers them a pay-off they can't turn down. The dyna [...]

    5. If you're new to John Rain, you don't need to read the older novels to enjoy this one, though it helps with returning characters. It's brilliant, realistic, and relevant. Eisler is a master of tension who takes great care in building subtle, memorable characters, through multiple perspectives, battles of will, a transformative killer's conscience, and so on. Superb spy thriller.If you want details: four of the most dangerous badasses form a detachment. And then the the mayhem begins.

    6. I first became aware of Barry Eisler after the controversy surrounding his decision to turn down a serious amount of money from a traditional publisher, in favour of bringing the books out himself. Subsequently, he accepted a deal with one of ’s publishing imprints, and hasn’t looked back. Meanwhile, I became a fan of his blog; his writing on book marketing, the publishing industry and politics is always engaging, entertaining and usually right on the money.I’m not sure why it has taken me [...]

    7. This is a major page turner for me, tough I saw plot twists coming a long way off. The thought of false flag attacks on American soil, troubles me-it could happen. These men, though you come to like them, are all trained assassins. They have done very bad things, and now they are brought together, to open the flood gates of despair on the US. Gee they thought they were preventing it by killing a few men. Character development was very good. I enjoyed it, even though it out of sequence with the R [...]

    8. Barry Eisler manages a difficult challenge in his "Rain" books, almost like keeping a knife balanced on its edge. His MC, John Rain, is an assassin. And although Rain has his limits (no women, no children) he is a brutal and cold killer. As the book opens, he casually kills two men for the sin of following him and representing a potential threat. No questions, no investigation of who they might work for, just snap - dead. And yet I like Rain and he remains a sympathetic character. That's skillfu [...]

    9. Read by author and he is easy on the ears as well as being easy on the eye.Not having read the Treven/Larison teamed-up series to flesh out their back-history and quirks, I didn't initially warm to their inclusion, yet the Rain/Dox duo carried me over and this settled down into an exciting testosterone adventure. That said, I'm pretty much over and done with Eisler's oeuvre.3* A Clean Kill in Tokyo (John Rain, #1)3* A Lonely Resurrection (John Rain, #2)3* Winner Take All (John Rain, #3)3* Redemp [...]

    10. Full Review originally at Fantasy Book CriticOVERALL RATING = 4 & 1/2 StarsANALYSIS: The Detachment is Barry Eisler’s ninth book and the first one to combine both his previous book characters. When the book was announced, it was also announced by the author’s move to the Indie side of publishing. This alone precipitated a heady mix of discussion and still is. For me while his move was intriguing from the business point of view as explained in his interview, it was more exciting to return [...]

    11. **4.5 stars**I'm so glad to be back reading this series.It took me a while to catch up because The Detachment's events are closely linked to what happened in Inside Out, the second book in another series by the author. To understand what's really going on in this book, it's pivotal to read the other one. Unlike prior books in the series, The Detachment is told in multiple POVs. Besides Rain's, we also have Larison's and Treven's, each with their own issues and agendas. However, the one that stol [...]

    12. I am a huge of Barry Eisler’s work, I make no bones about it, and so I am going to keep it short. In this novel he tackles many things, melding the thoughts and feelings of four different killers, four different Alpha males, four totally different viewpoints and even more agendas in this novel and he does it seamlessly. The read is taunt, moving and intense. It was hard to separate myself from the read until I finished it. I was fortunate enough to interview Barry Eisler on my blogtalk radio s [...]

    13. All right, so I appear to be hunting for a specific character: from Jack Reacher (Lee Child), to Jonathan Quinn (Brett Battles), onto John Rain (Barry Eisler). From ex military, to cleaner, to assassin. How do we as readers gain empathy for a killer? Simple enough, join John Rain in his voyage from assassin for hire to conscientious killer (kill bad guys) to wanting to get out of the businessbut unwilling to leave his perspective of the world (no worries, this transformation takes place across m [...]

    14. OK, I admit it: I am a huge fan of John Rain and Dox. I like these characters developed by Barry Eisler. In the newest John Rain novel, he brings in Ben Treven, Hort, and Larison from his other two novels. They are hired to stop a governmental plan of staging domestic attacks in order to precipitate the suspension of American civil liberties by the President and his anti-terror team, and the four assasins are not sure whether their kills are promoting chaos or freedom. Hort remains the master ma [...]

    15. “The Detachment” by Barry Eisler is the first John Rain book since 2007 and seventh book in the series. Eisler brings together the Ben Treven series (“Fault Line” and “ Inside Out”) with John Rain in this masterpiece of political maneuvering and manipulation. Treven and Larison are asked by Colonel Scott Horton (of the Treven series) to track Rain and Dox down so that the two pairs can team up to make some necessary “adjustments” to the current administration who are out to terro [...]

    16. I love Eisler's novels. You just fall into them and don't ever want to come up for air. They always end too soon.John Rain and Dox have a unique and not entirely easy partnership, at least from Rain's Point of View. Partnerships are not the norm for these operatives, but in "The Detachment" the partnership with Larison, Trevan, Dox and Rain is an entirely new experience for all of them. At one point Rain thinks, "I ever work with a team again, just kill me, and then had to stifle a crazy laugh b [...]

    17. Another great book in the Rain series, and an enjoyable read. That being said i found this book to be a bit of a let down compared to the last three books. My complaints are that this book seemed to be a bit preachy, and while i enjoy politcal thrillers/assassins (i.e. Mitch Rapp)this seemed more like Eisler wrote the book to make a point. Also this book lacked that classic John Rain rampage moment that has become his trademarkO this is in the bottom 2 or 3 books of the series

    18. Audio w/bookEisler probably had a great outline for this story. I think that he did not work hard enough on the actual writing skills to produce a well done finished product. If this is true, then why, as Tim Wolf reviewed this, it passed thru the editing product?

    19. “The system is broken. The plotters wanted a pretext for seizing power so they could fix everything and then give it back. You thought the whole thing was insane, and wanted us to take out key personnel to stop it.” “I’d call that an accurate summary.” “But then we found out the personnel you had us take out weren’t part of the coup. They were opposed to it.” “That is also accurate.”

    20. Barry Eisler knows how to write spooks. First with the John Rain series and again with the Ben Treven books, Eisler proves that he is a master at describing the crazy world of the assassin. Surveillance and counter-surveillance, the logistics of travel, and the loneliness of being a lone wolf could be sheer tedium in the hands of a hack writer, but Eisler never fails to write exciting yet grounded scenes.In "The Detachment," Eisler brings together his four favorite anti-heroes in a book reminisc [...]

    21. I just read this book I'm ashamed to say. Worse, I enjoyed it. I got into it and wanted to see what happened to the characters.But the characters were four amoral, slightly conflicted, beasts of men with enough humor and compassion so you could vaguely hope that they would finally make a right decision in their sorry lives. They were made slightly appealing by the fact that their governmental bosses were nastier and had less character than they did.Supposedly the person who hired them was saving [...]

    22. I met Barry Eisler at a Mystery Writers convention some years ago, but hadn't read any of his books at the time. Soon after, I checked out his John Rain books, and spent a frenzied month catching up and loving them.The Detachment, for me, was as much about the political insight as it was the typical pacing and physical action. I think Eisler nailed what actually might be going on behind the political scenes, cleverly wrapped in a compelling action package. Our country is clearly run by defense l [...]

    23. Had read the first six books in the series in a row so it was good to have a break and then come back to two of my favourite characters in Rain and Dox.Having read other reviews, I understand people's point around Eisler running out of ideas (Book 5 felt like a chore), but I didn't feel that this was the case with this one. I liked the introduction of the new characters and I liked the interaction between them.The plot was good - liked a project on "home soil" and the detail and description that [...]

    24. The Detachment, by Barry EislerThe Detachment is one of Barry Eisler’s best stories. It has so many good things going for it. First, it brings back John Rain and Dox. Second, the readers will have a very tough time figuring out whether the bad guys are truly the bad guys, or just misguided good guys. The mission of the misfits who are trying to save the world is almost hopeless and very real. The interplay between the good guys is deadly. One couldn’t hope for more in a terrific read.Barry E [...]

    25. The best one yet, I love the way he wove the past characters together. Dox deserves his own series, I love that guy The John Rain series never disappoints and this book was no exception. I am patiently awaiting the next installment. If you have never read Eisler, you are missing a guilty pleasure in life Keep up the good work Barry!

    26. Good solid read, bit lost because have not read Inside out/Fault line but detachment puts together Barry Eisler's previous protaginists in one big story Political thriller. Dox is going to steal the headlines as he is fast becoming the main character, only has to come up with some natural deaths of his own and Rain can retire?

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