Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit The novel presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic critical thought thru reading outlawed The central character Guy Montag is employed as a fireman a book burner ref

  • Title: Fahrenheit 451
  • Author: Ray Bradbury Joe Mugnaini
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  • The novel presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic critical thought thru reading outlawed The central character, Guy Montag, is employed as a fireman a book burner 451 refers to the temperature at which a book or paper supposedly autoignites, tho the actual temperature is almost twice that Written in the early years of the Cold WaThe novel presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic critical thought thru reading outlawed The central character, Guy Montag, is employed as a fireman a book burner 451 refers to the temperature at which a book or paper supposedly autoignites, tho the actual temperature is almost twice that Written in the early years of the Cold War, the novel critiques what Bradbury saw as an increasingly dysfunctional American society The concept began with the short story Bright Phoenix, written in 47, 1st published in the Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction in 63 The original short story was reworked into the novella, The Fireman, published in the 2 51 Galaxy Science Fiction The novel was also serialized in the March, April May 54 issues of Playboy Bradbury wrote the entire novel on pay typewriter in the basement of UCLA s Powell Library the intention of Fahrenheit 451 was to show his great love for books libraries He refers to Montag as an allusion to himself The book has had many interpretations, primarily focusing on the historical role of book burning in suppressing dissenting ideas Bradbury states the novel isn t about censorship, but about how tv destroys interest in reading, which leads to a perception of knowledge as being composed of factoids, partial information devoid of context, e.g Napoleon s birth date without indication of who he was A movie version of the novel was released in 1966 A 2nd version starts filming in 2008 At least two BBC Radio 4 dramatizations have been aired Both follow the book closely Fahrenheit 451 takes place in an unspecified future time in a hedonistic anti intellectual America that has completely abandoned self control, filled with lawlessness in the streets, from teenagers crashing cars into people, to firemen at Montag s station who set their mechanical hound to hunt various animals for the grotesque pleasure of watching them die Anyone caught reading books is, at the minimum, confined to a mental hospital while the books are burned Illegal books mainly include famous works of literature, such as Walt Whitman William Faulkner, as well as the bible all historical texts One night returning from work, fireman Guy Montag meets his new neighbor Clarisse McClellan, whose free thinking ideals liberating spirit force him to question his life, his ideals his own perceived happiness Clarisse is later killed in a car accident After meeting Clarisse, he returns home to find his wife Mildred who sleeps in a separate bed asleep, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to her bed He calls for medical help, two technicians respond, who proceed to suck out Mildred s blood with a machine insert new blood into her The technicians utter disregard for Mildred forces Montag to question the state of society In the following days, while ransacking the book filled house of an old woman before the inevitable burning, Montag accidentally reads a line in one of her books Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine This prompts him to steal one of the books The woman refuses to leave her house her books, choosing instead to light a match she had concealed from the firemen s view, prematurely igniting the kerosene martyring herself This disturbs Montag He wonders why someone would die for books Jarred by the woman s suicide, Montag calls in sick, receives a visit from his fire chief Captain Beatty, who explains to him the political social causes which underlie the work they perform Captain Beatty claims that society, in its search for happiness, an attempt to minimize cultural offenses thru political correctness, brought about the suppression of literature as an act of self censorship that the government merely took advantage of the situation Beatty adds that all firemen eventually steal a book out of curiosity, but all would be well if the book is turned in within 24 hours Montag argues with his wife, Mildred, over the book, showing his growing disgust for her society It is revealed that Montag has, over the course of a year, hidden dozens of books in the ventilation shafts of his own house He tries to memorize them to preserve their contents, but becomes frustrated that the words seem to simply fall away from his memory He then remembers a man he had met at one time Faber, a former English professor Montag seeks Faber s help, Faber begins teaching Montag about the vagaries ambiguities but overall importance of literature in its attempt to explain human existence He also gives Montag a green bullet shaped ear piece so that Faber can offer guidance throughout his daily activities During a card game at the firehouse, Beatty tells Montag he had a dream about him, relates the literary argument he says they had in his dream Beatty quotes many books shows an amazing knowledge of literature to prove to Montag the confusing messages in books Then follows another call to arms Beatty theatrically leads the crew to Montag s own home He reveals that he knew all along of Montag s books, orders Montag to destroy the house Montag sees Mildred, who had betrayed his secret, moving away from the house sets to work burning their home, but Montag is not content destroying the books He burns the tvs, beds other emblems of his past life When Beatty finds Faber s earpiece, he threatens to track Faber down Montag turns the flamethrower on Beatty, killing him, then knocks out two other firemen is soon a fugitive for these crimes When the firehouse s mechanical hound goes after him, he turns the flamethrower on it, destroying it He flees to Faber s house, with another firehouse s mechanical hound tv network helicopters in hot pursuit The newscasters hope to document his escape as a spectacle, distract the people from the oncoming threat of war, a threat that has been foreshadowed throughout Faber tells Montag of vagabond book lovers in the countryside Montag escapes, to a local river, floats downstream meets a group of older men who, to Montag s astonishment, have memorized entire books, preserving them orally until books are allowed again They burn the books they read to prevent discovery, retaining the verbatim content in their minds The group leader, Granger, discusses the legendary phoenix its endless cycle of long life, death in flames rebirth, adding the phoenix must have some relation of humankind, constantly going back to its cycle of making mistakes not learning from the past He comments that humans can learn, as opposed to the doomed phoenix Meanwhile, the tv network helicopters surround another man in frustration, the hound is ordered to attack him The audience thinks that Montag has died, but he is actually safe The war begins Montag watches helplessly as jet bombers fly overhead attack the city with nuclear weapons His wife, Mildred, likely dies, tho Faber is assumed to have left the city It is implied that cities across the country have been incinerated as well, a bitter irony that the world that sought to burn thought, is burned itself At the moment of the explosion, the stress emotion of seeing the city burned causes a key phrase from the bible to emerge from the depths of Montag s memory The novel is concluded with a shocking but slightly optimistic tone It is suggested that the society Montag knew has almost completely collapsed a new society must be built from the ashes Whether this new society will meet the same fate is unknown, but it is implied that the book people will begin to build mirror factories a literary allusion, mirrors being a metaphor for books to show people who they are, what they have become how they can change with time knowledge.

    SparkNotes Fahrenheit Characters See a complete list of the characters in Fahrenheit and in depth analyses of Guy Montag, Mildred Montag, Captain Beatty, and Professor Faber. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit May , Directed by Ramin Bahrani With Michael B Jordan, Aaron Davis, Cindy Katz, Michael Shannon In a terrifying care free future, a young man, Guy Montag, whose job as a fireman is to burn all books, questions his actions after meeting a young womanand begins to rebel against society. Fahrenheit Book Summary Lit Note Test Prep Set in the twenty fourth century, Fahrenheit introduces a new world in which control of the masses by the media, overpopulation, and censorship has taken over the general population The individual is not accepted and the intellectual is considered an outlaw Television has Fahrenheit Watch the HBO Original Movie HBO Based on Ray Bradbury s classic novel and starring Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon, Fahrenheit portrays a dark future where the media is an opiate, history is rewritten and firemen burn books.Read More Fahrenheit Ray Bradbury Books Ray Bradbury s internationally acclaimed novel Fahrenheit is a masterwork of twentieth century literature set in a bleak, dystopian future.

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    1. I am in 6th grade. My Language Arts teacher assigns us a book report; tells us we can choose the book but that our grade will be based on the maturity of the novel the report is based upon.My mother and I are in K-mart. I've mentioned to her about this book report to be done, and so before we leave with a basket filled with clothes I know I will be embarrassed to wear, we stop by the rack of books. She selects a few pulp paperback titles, throws them into the cart.A few days later she hands me F [...]

    2. Somehow, I have gotten through life as an English major, book geek, and a science-fiction nerd without ever having read this book. I vaguely remember picking it up in high-school and not getting very far with it. It was an interesting premise, but far too depressing for my tastes at the time.Fast-forward 15 years later. I just bought a copy the other day to register at BookCrossing for their Banned Books Month release challenge. The ALA celebrates Banned Books Week in September, so one BXer chal [...]

    3. Farenheit 451 has been analyzed and reinterpreted by every successive generation to change its meaning. This is chiefly because the book is full of assumptions and vague symbolism which can be taken many ways, and rarely does anyone come away from the book with the conclusion the author intended, which would suggest that it is a failed attempt.There are grounds to contend that even the title is inaccurate, since contemporary sources suggest paper combusts at 450 degrees Celsius, which in Farenhe [...]

    4. As I write this review, the year is 2012. We do not live in a perfect world; in fact, in many ways we don't even live in a good world. But one thing I believe with all my heart is that we live in a world which, on the whole, is better than it was fifty years ago. Now, I know I'm writing with limited perspective and that progression and development hasn't been the same all over the globe and even the definition of those words can change depending on what part of the world you live in. But here's [...]

    5. "الأفكار ليها أجنحة ماحدش يقدر يمنعها توصل للناس"ـــــــــــــــإذا كنت قد شاهدت الكتب تحترق في فيلم العبقري يوسف شاهين ووقعت في غرام الفيلم والمشهدفربما هذا الكتاب يكون لك*-*عندما تصبح قراءة الكتب جريمةفي هذه الرواية يطرح راي برادبوري أسوأ سيناريو لعشاق الكتبماذا لو كنا ن [...]

    6. Few appreciate irony as much as I do, so understand that I understand this review. The message of this book is decent: knowledge should not be censored. However, the rest of the book is utter shit. I found myself actually screaming at several points as Bradbury spent minutes and dozens of metaphors and allusions referring to one insignificant detail of the plot. It is too damn flowery to be understandable by anyone! In other words, an English teacher's dream. In addition, the story was about the [...]

    7. You can check out thousands of better reviews here and across the internet, but here is all you really need to knowThis is one of the best books ever written. This is one of my favorite books of all time. ALL TIME. This is the third time I've read it. I audiobooked it this time. Every line of Fahrenheit 451 is beautifully written. Poetic. Metaphoric. Transcendent. Awesome. The beginning, middle, and ending all amazing. If you consider yourself a fan of science fiction or dystopian novels or clas [...]

    8. Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is a novel that transcends it's dystopian theme and delivers its cautionary message in a timeless fashion, what made this story compelling in 1953 remains provocative. It is a strident call to arms, a warning siren of darkness always on the perimeter.Critics have tried to make more of this, and certainly it is an archetypal work, but I think its simplicity is its great strength - it is fundamentally about book burning, literally and metaphorically. A powerful allegory t [...]

    9. "We are living in a time when flowers are trying to live on flowers, instead of growing on good rain & black loam." [111]What outstanding prose--prophetic, which is by far the most rare and inspiring of attributes a work of literature can ever possess. And Ray "I Don't Talk Things, Sir. I Talk The Meaning Of Things" Bradbury is here at his absolute best. I cannot decide whether this or "Martian Chronicles" is my favorite they are definitely my favorite of his, the best possible in scifi adve [...]

    10. "The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies."That is a very unpleasant metaphor, and Fahrenheit 451 is an unpleasant book. It feels like it was written by a teenager, and if I were his teacher I'd give it a B- and not let my daughter date the weird little kid who wrote it.Its protagonist, Montag, lacks any character; he changes as Bradbury's shitty story requires him to, from the dumbest kid on the world (his [...]

    11. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

      ~Φαρενάιτ 451~"η θερμοκρασία στην οποία το χαρτί των βιβλίων πιάνει φωτιά και καίγεται"Ο άνθρωπος των βιβλιοθηκών,αυτοχαρακτηρίζεται ο συγγραφέας αυτός με την απίστευτη διορατικότητα. Αυτός ο δυστοπικός επαναστάτης έγραψε ένα τόσο φανταστικό-αλληγορικό αριστούργημα που κ [...]

    12. This was my first Ray Bradbury book. Do you know - that with 1, 117, 082 ratings, and 28, 668 reviews-I didn't have a clue what to expect from this book? I may have been the only person living under a rock - down deep beneath the earth -who knew nothing about this story! My Goodness . "I CANT IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT BOOKS!!!!!" I have in my hands a copy of the 60th Anniversary Edition. Neil Gaiman wrote the Introduction. and really excellent I might add! Just beautiful introduction about Fahrenh [...]

    13. Library as cathedral, as all libraries should be - John Rylands Library, Manchester.Image source: librarynchester/aRead me, love me, touch me, treasure meThis is a book about the power of books that is itself steeped with references, both explicit and indirect, to the great works that permeate our culture so thoroughly that we do not always notice them - until they’re gone. Bradbury shows us the horror of a hedonistic but unhappy world where books and ideas are banned in the futile pursuit of [...]

    14. The book starts with this sentence:It was a pleasure to burn! WOW AND I THOUGHT OKAY THEN LETS DO THIS!Fahrenheit Meaning: Fahrenheit is a temperature scale based on one proposed in 1724 by the Polish-born German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), after whom the scale is named. It uses the degree Fahrenheit (symbol °F) as the unit.By the end of the 20th century, Fahrenheit was only used as the official temperature scale in the United States For my Loving books – luckily not bu [...]

    15. The Wall Controls You - The Silent Take-Over Of Screen-Time!What does "Fahrenheit 451" mean to me? Most of all, it is a declaration of love for books in an era of fast entertainment and instant gratification as a means of political control of the masses.I used to think Brave New World and 1984 - or a combination of those two - had a more accurate take on human mind-slavery in the age of technology than "Fahrenheit 451". But increasingly, I see the world as Bradbury saw it, with people sitting in [...]

    16. Can you think of a more effective means of control?Can you think of a more effective means of keeping the population down? No?Well, me neither. The burning of books is such an effective tool, so the message of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is scarily real; if society’s wisdom could be taken away then so could their freedom; if knowledge was burnt then the people would be left in a complete state of utter innocent ignorance. That way they could be told anything and no know different. If all b [...]

    17. It’s easy to see why ‘Farenheit 451’ is a cult classic, beloved by the majority of bookworms. Oh, it validates us, doesn’t it? Here is a future world where books are banned, and look at this; it has gone to the dogs. The saddest of all post-apocalyptic worlds, the bleakest dystopia, what a nightmare – NO BOOKS!The good are those who read, the bad are those who watch the TV. Yes, this is what we like to read to make us feel all warm inside. And because of that we are seemingly willing t [...]

    18. "No hace falta quemar libros para que una cultura desaparezca. Mucho peor es no leerlos" - Ray BradburyCuesta mucho encontrar en el vasto mundo de la literatura un libro que defienda precisamente al libro como patrimonio cultural de la Humanidad. Más allá de la distopía que encierra, la maestría de Bradbury nos posiciona ante los peligros que a veces significa para el poder el hecho de que la gente "piense" y quiera valerse por sí misma. Uno de mis libro preferidos de toda la vidaEsta era m [...]

    19. Believe me, I'm not the kind of guy who gushes over classics simply by virtue of the fact that they are classics, but this one was worth all the legend that it carries with it. I'm glad I never had to read this book in highschool. First of all, we would have ruined this truly awesome story by overanalyzing every mundane literary aspect, detail and device. Second, the story is SO much more profound in the year 2008 at the age of 30 than it could have been at 17 in 1995. I always thought this was [...]

    20. so i decided that this is the summer i read all the books i "should" have read by now- all the classics i have not gotten around to. this was, oddly, sparked by that asshole that said to alyssa "this is why small bookstores are better - no one in big bookstores knows anything about books". which is, of course, inaccurate and ridiculous - poor alyssa is a nineteen year old girl who has not read any philip roth, and wasnt able to recommend a title to the (fifty year old) man but has probably read [...]

    21. صرخ (مونتاج) في وجهها: ألا تفهمين بحق الله؟.أقول لكِ أنها النسخة الأخيرة من (الكتاب المقدس).النسخة الوحيدة الباقية.هل أعطيها لهم ليحرقوها؟فهتفتْ بغضب: وما في هذا؟ أترى ماذا تفعل؟ أنت تدمرنا!.مَن أهمّ لديك؟ أنا أم ذلك الكتاب المقدس؟في زمنٍ يدور فيه هذا الحديث بيني وبين زوجتي عن [...]

    22. Fahrenheit 451, Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury, published in 1953. Fahrenheit 451 is set in an unspecified city at an unspecified time in the future after the year 1960.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سوم ماه فوریه سال 2012 میلادیعنوان: فارنهایت 451؛ نویسنده: ری برادبری؛ مترجم: علاءالدین بهشتی؛ تهران، آشتیانی، 1363، در 200 ص؛ موضوع: داستانها [...]

    23. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:a time to be born and a time to die,a time to plant and a time to uproot,a time to kill and a time to heal,a time to tear down and a time to build,a time to weep and a time to laugh,a time to mourn and a time to dance,a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,a time to search and a time to give up,a time to keep and a time to throw away,a time to tear [...]

    24. In a not too distant future, owning books is against the law. Firemen burn property instead of protect it and everyone is dialed in to their televisions, subsisting on a steady stream of sensational media stories and vapid entertainment to numb their quickly congealing brains. The nation is always at war, but you would never guess it from the populace's empty conversations and emptier dreams. Guy Montag longs for something different, but what exactly, he can't even say, until he meets a girl who [...]

    25. That’s right, I finally showed up at the party! I somehow have gone through life as a book geek and a science-fiction nerd without reading this book. It was always on my to-do-list but over the years, I just didn't get around to reading it. Thank you Justin for kicking my ass in gear to read this masterpiece!So you ask, what happened when I finally read Fahrenheit 451?I read it in one day!!!! I absorbed the pages while ignoring the world around me. I laughed and gasped at amazing quotes in the [...]

    26. فهرنهايت 451 الرواية الكابوس عالم اليوم :انظر انظر حولك هل ما نعيشه حقيقي ؟!! عالم مبني على الخيال، تعبيرات مصطنعة على شكل حبوب، حرب نفسية على شكل إعلانات، كيمياويات لتبديل و تبديد العقل على شكل طعام، ندوات لغسيل المخ على شكل وسائل الإعلام، فقاعات منعزلة بإحكام في شكل وسائل ا [...]

    27. I heard that this was a great book, and I really wanted to like it. The title and the quips on the back cover caught my interest. Guy Montag is a fireman, but the job is flipped. Instead of putting out fires, he is creating them, and he likes it a lot. The first sentence, "It was a pleasure to burn", and the following description after, had me convinced that I would enjoy the book. Not only that, New York Times professes that the book is "frightening in its implications". With all that buildup a [...]

    28. It was a pleasure to read.I was somewhat blown away by this novel. Perhaps it is simply my personal taste. I seem to enjoy novels about the future and in particular ones with a dystopian element. (see my reviews of Brave New World and 1984 for example)I have read a handful of articles about how in analysing this novel most people miss the target. They claim it is a novel about book censorship whereas Bradbury claims it is more a novel focusing on talking about whether other forms of media would [...]

    29. This is one of those books that I love the idea of it a lot more than the read itself.I "read" this in high school and understood nothing (I barely knew a few words in English!) and honestly would not recommend it if you're just starting out since even now it's not an easy read!The dystopian world depicted is frighteningly too close to where we're going

    30. In Ray Bradbury's creepy classic, Montag is your typical modern fireman , burning books for a living with his dedicated gang. None of that old -fashioned putting out fires, he and a hose full of kerosene and just a little old match, does the trick. Sets books ablazing, it's more fun too! Besides no one reads anymore and the warm inferno, towering high into the sky, makes a pretty picture, lighting the cold, dark night . Father was a fireman, so was his grandfather, the family business, you can c [...]

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