What in God's Name

What in God s Name Welcome to Heaven Inc the grossly mismanaged corporation in the sky For as long as anyone can remember the founder and CEO known in some circles as God has been phoning it in Lately he s been spend

  • Title: What in God's Name
  • Author: Simon Rich
  • ISBN: 9780316133739
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome to Heaven, Inc the grossly mismanaged corporation in the sky For as long as anyone can remember, the founder and CEO known in some circles as God has been phoning it in Lately, he s been spending most of his time on the golf course And when he does show up at work, it s not to resolve wars or end famines, but to Google himself and read what humans have beeWelcome to Heaven, Inc the grossly mismanaged corporation in the sky For as long as anyone can remember, the founder and CEO known in some circles as God has been phoning it in Lately, he s been spending most of his time on the golf course And when he does show up at work, it s not to resolve wars or end famines, but to Google himself and read what humans have been blogging about him.When God decides to retire to pursue his lifelong dream of opening an Asian Fusion restaurant , he also decides to destroy Earth His employees take the news in stride, except for Craig and Eliza, two underpaid angels in the lowly Department of Miracles Unlike their boss, Craig and Eliza love their jobs uncapping city fire hydrants on hot days, revealing lost keys in snow banks and they refuse to accept that earth is going under.The angels manage to strike a deal with their boss He ll call off his Armageddon, if they can solve their toughest miracle yet getting the two most socially awkward humans on the planet to fall in love With doomsday fast approaching, and the humans ignoring every chance for happiness thrown their way, Craig and Eliza must move heaven and earth to rescue them and the rest of us, too.

    God In the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God, coexisting in three persons, is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit In the Hebrew Tanakh, God is referred to as Elohim or Adonai, in addition to other names In Islam, the name Allah is used, while Muslims also have a multitude of titular names for God. What Is God Life, Hope Truth In the Bible, both members of the God family are referred to as God John , John John , Ephesians Hebrews God is a Father who has a purpose a plan for every human being who has ever lived. Major World Religions See What These Different God is offering us complete forgiveness because of Jesus death for us This means forgiveness for all our sinspast, present and future Jesus paid for them all God, who created the universe, loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us. How can I know God s will for my life What does the Bible Knowing God s will is sometimes difficult because it requires patience It s natural to want to know all of God s will at once, but that s not how He usually works He reveals to us a step at a time each move a step of faith and allows us to continue to trust Him. God Define God at Dictionary See synonyms for God on Thesaurus noun the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe the Supreme Being considered with reference to a particular attribute the God of Islam lowercase one of several deities, especially a male deity, presiding over some portion of worldly affairs. God Simple English , the free encyclopedia According to certain religions and mythologies, God is the creator of the Earth and of everything else Hinduism says that there is one God who can come in many forms Theists believe that God created everything that exists and has ever existed In most religions, God What It Means to Be Made in the Image of God Focus on What It Means to Be Made in the Image of God Thus we may say that according to Genesis , man does not have the image of God, nor is he made in the image of God, but is himself the image of God Humankind, then, was created to be a copy or a graphic image of the Creator Does God Have a Name Bible Questions JW Jehovah is a rendering of God s name in English that has been used for centuries While many scholars prefer the spelling Yahweh, Jehovah is the form of the name that is most widely recognized.

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    1. You know that rom com that's in heavy rotation on that basic cable channel? The one with the "charming" pratfalls and reheated Simpsons jokes and magical ethnic secondary characters who have amusing grammar and exist to help out the hapless leads? But you watch it to the end because it's super short? Yeah, this is that.

    2. Okay, the premise of this book might sound a little cheesy. Let's face it, we live in a world where some dopey 4 year-old gets brainwashed by his even dopier dad regarding his experience in heaven, and all of a sudden we've got a runaway bestseller. Or some jackoff gets hit by an 18-wheeler and then lets us know what heaven is like, and we decide to buy that one too.It seems a little odd to me that the only people who seem to glimpse heaven are those who have lost 90% of their vital fluids or ha [...]

    3. Drink up. The world’s about to come to an end.When a story starts off with a God bored by real-world events and favoring a kind of spiritual porn, then you know you’re in for a ripping good time. The end of the world has never seemed so funny as God decides to cash in his chips and leave the table while two Angels bank everything on one last desperate throw of the dice. The scramble to save the world by getting two socially inept losers to exchange a kiss gets ever more frantic as the clock [...]

    4. Heaven Inc is a big company and God is its CEO. He's an ideas man who spends most of his day in his swanky office watching baseball and NASCAR. His Angels spend their time arranging miracles where they nudge small details of life to try to make humans end up with happy results. They are able to watch any episode of history from multiple angles and therefore spend their time fascinated by the love lives of Americans. Africa gets two mentions - Nigerian e-mail scammers and a Tanzanian farmer whose [...]

    5. Fun book. Definitely something different and refreshingly so.What if God just decided he wanted to do something else instead of taking care of humans any longer? And what if an Angel made a bet that if he could get two socially awkward, shy people to kiss then God would not destroy the world?The characters were entertaining, from bored God to his mostly naked prophet Raoul to the Angels, Craig and Eliza, and my favorites, the Archangel Vince and the human, Raj. The will all attempt to save the w [...]

    6. The best fictional depiction of God I've come across since Alanis Morrissette was in that Kevin Smith movie. I laughed out loud, which I almost never do, being old and somewhat bitter and stuff. Amazing. I even stopped watching Pawn Stars so I could finish this. Which never happens.

    7. I had high hopes for this one. I love books about angels, and this one had a really cool concept. Heaven is a corporation and God is sort of an egotistical, self-centered dick. It was shocking, offensive, and funny at times. The reason why I'm giving it such a low rating is because there was so much fat-shaming at one point. The angels decided to give a man food poisoning to get him to lose weight. It was horrible. I know this book isn't serious and it's all for comedy value, but it just took it [...]

    8. I first read this book because I was reading all of Simon Rich's short story books. I did not realize this was a novel when I picked it up and it did surprise me. In a lot of his books he wrights hilarious short stories about God and heaven. This novel was almost his nod to all of those. He takes a lot of small things from his stories. There is one small point about an arc angle who was responsible for a sextuplet birth. Overall the story told was funny and original. Some parts were told through [...]

    9. After running Heaven for millenia, God has grown bored and spends his days golfing, micromanaging NASCAR, and bugging his angels to get the remaining members of Lynyrd Skynyrd back together. When a lower level angel in the Miracles department named Eliza calls God out on not answering the prayers that she had spent several years painstakingly color coding and sorting, he decides to fold the business and pull the plug on humanity. After all, it’s xenon that’s the money maker for God, not huma [...]

    10. I've been delinquent with books lately. Having been in transition, I've been reading "the Sun" magazine (an excellent literary magazine for any writer/reader/thinker) and doing away with hard back pages. But when I read a review of Simon Rich's new book "What in God's Name" I knew I'd found the book to come back to. Welcome to Heaven Inc where God is the CEO and Heaven is actually a business run by all of Heaven's new entrants. God's rule is that you work in Heaven Inc. for 40 years before you c [...]

    11. Simon Rich! I first noticed this guy when I was reading a humor anthology from the New Yorker. Everything he writes really made me laugh. And I just found out he writes BOOKS! I couldn't get to the library fast enough.And there's something about a book that looks at heaven or God but in a slightly irreverent way that just SLAYS me. This book is about Heaven, Inc the corporation in the sky where God is the CEO. Angels work in all kinds of departments and Craig and Eliza work in Unexpected Miracle [...]

    12. You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingImagine if you will that God is the bored CEO of a Celestial conglomerate: Heaven, INC. He tries to care about the more important aspects of his by-proxy creation: humanity (he got bored and said “make mortals” and mortals got made, you see). But all he really wants to do is watch Nascar and football and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd. And play golf. And create Asian Fusion restaurants.There are Angels, of course. Archangels, Angel [...]

    13. Heaven, Inc is a huge corporation led by the founder and CEO, God. He’s not really into working anymore. God is ready to retire and open an Asian Fusion restaurant, but first he has a surprise for the humans on Earth. When he retires, he plans to destroy Earth as well.God’s employees at Heaven, Inc. aren’t concerned about Earth. They are just happy that they will now be able to sit back and enjoy life when God retires. However, there are two employees that aren’t thrilled with the Earth [...]

    14. Disclosure: I received this Advance Reading Copy for free through First Reads. Thanks to the publishers for the opportunity to read this book for an unbiased review.Summary:In this comedic fantasy, Heaven is a huge bureaucratic corporation, with low morale everywhere and rot at the top. Craig and Eliza, two of the remaining idealistic angels, enter into a bizarre bet with God, with the fate of the earth at stake! Can they answer the prayers of two socially awkward New York misfits who secretly [...]

    15. What in God’s Name is funny, off and on; the humour feels forced for the most part, though I laughed long, hard and out-loud at the bit with Regis Philbin. Other than that… I’m finding it hard to find anything to say about this book.What in God’s Name is a very short novel that imagines God as CEO of Heaven inc. God doesn’t have much time for humanity, he doesn’t answer prayers, he’s lost what little interest he ever had in Earth. Humanity has become such a bore, God thinks he migh [...]

    16. I read this book because my book club voted for it. I would not have picked it up otherwise, knowing from the synopsis that it wasn't for me. But that's part of the beauty of book club, right? To perhaps get out of your element? At any rate, this turned out to be a very light book - a fast read with characters that were not particularly well developed. The premise is clever enough, but to me it reads with a very "jock," slapstick, frat house sense of humor that I don't really enjoy. As some sort [...]

    17. I've been in a reading slump lately, because since the begining of the year I've read very bad books. This is just what I needed! I got it as an audiobook at audible. It's very funny, light, fresh and interesting. The audiobook is read by the author, and he did a very good job. I loved the way God and Heaven are portrayed, because I also imagine God being like that, and because it reminded me of my favorite TV show "Supernatural" and their angels.I do not recommend this to very religious people [...]

    18. Somebody owes me. I read about this book SOMEWHERE and based on the description, actually BOUGHT it, which means that I seriously wasted whatever the Kindle price was.The premise of this book is good - God as CEO, angels as cubicle-bound salarymen, all supposed to be funny - and the description I read compared the author to Terry Pratchett. Not quite.The writing is clunky and amateur. It is BAD. This is a book which lacks character development, realistic dialogue, and any sort of common sense.Do [...]

    19. So, in this version of the world, God is the CEO of a large corporation and one of his many responsibilities is looking in on earth from time to time, but mostly just to rig sports competitions so that his team or player will win. I discovered after I finished the book that the writer writes for "Saturday Night Live" and that explains a lot. The humor is really exaggerated and slapstick. The book is short and mildly amusing but I am not impressed over all.

    20. Reads like a Saturday Night Live skit that went on too long. Incredibly obvious humor, and absolutely no character development. Plot logic is frequently sacrificed for a cheap gag. This works if you are Douglas Adams but not if you are Simon Rich. Cannot believe all of the glowing reviews I read for this book, but I'm just glad I borrowed it from the library and didn't spend money on it.

    21. This is without a doubt my favoriteSimon Rich book. It's funny, thoughtful and it went by so fast. God is exactly as I thought he would be. Even though it was painful to read how these awkward couples screwed up most of their lives, it was an interesting ride. And a delightfully normal ending :)

    22. I already professed my love for Simon Rich's short stories, and now I adore him in a longer format as well. This is pure brilliance; if you read it and don't like it, we should probably stop being friends immediately. Seriously.

    23. Finished this book in one day! I thought it was super cute and funny. A great weekend read. I will definitely check out other books by this author!

    24. Truly terrible. I can't figure out how it got on my to-read list. And of course I read the whole stupid thing. Fortunately it was short.

    25.  I despise this kind of book. You know: God is just some harried guy running a company called Heaven and Angels are workers in cubicals toiling away, hoping for promotions and something good for lunch in the company cafeteria. A tired premise of little interest to anyone, especially to a nonbeliever like me. But I loved What in God's Name and was sorry to see its 227 pages flit by in just three days (I never finish books in three days). I laughed out loud at least every three pages thanks to [...]

    26. In retribution of His own laziness, God plans on bringing the apocalypse to Earth. It all depends on prayers from two young-uns' who have crushes on one another to become lovers to bring it all to a close. I think that the concept of this book comes from a failed relationship or marriage. I mean it takes angels' intervention to bring two people to come together and live happily ever after. I loved it but I wish that I didn't think that way about it. God's marriage to humankind was diminished bec [...]

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