The Park at Sunrise

The Park at Sunrise First they were three now there are two Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul For years the three of them had been inseparable first as friends then lovers It s been ten years

  • Title: The Park at Sunrise
  • Author: Lee Brazil
  • ISBN: 9781301811793
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • First they were three, now there are two Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul For years the three of them had been inseparable, first as friends, then lovers It s been ten years since they parted for what was supposed to be a year apart to pursue their dreams This isn t the reunion they planned then It s nine years too late for one thing, and theyFirst they were three, now there are two Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul For years the three of them had been inseparable, first as friends, then lovers It s been ten years since they parted for what was supposed to be a year apart to pursue their dreams This isn t the reunion they planned then It s nine years too late for one thing, and they are one man short for another.In the years since Paul s death, Morgan hasn t exactly been waiting for Jason to reach out to him He s been too busy trying to forget, to move on Until Jason sends the right message Is the painting just an excuse to see his ex again

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      242 Lee Brazil
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    1 thought on “The Park at Sunrise”

    1. 3.65 starsThe writing perfectly captures the emotional upheaval of loneliness and broken promises. A poignant, sad and beautiful story.

    2. My third Lee Brazil story, and I have to say I adored this one 4.5 starsJason, Morgan and Paul had been together as friends since kindergarten. Paul was the poet, Jason was the artist and Morgan was the mathematician. They grew up, and as they got older, knew that what they had between them were more than 'friendly' feelings, but they were finishing schoolJason was staying in their sleepy Colorado town, Paul was off to New York and Morgan was disappearing to live and work as a teacher in the sun [...]

    3. I think this has to be my favourite Lee Brazil story up to now. Morgan, Jason and Paul had been inseparable and the best of friends as youngsters, over time that friendship graduated into a deep physical love between the three of them and as far as they were concerned was going to be forever once they could figure out a way of making it work long term. Then gradation and the chance of a dream job in Californian lured Morgan away, with a promise that they would all meet up again after 12 months, [...]

    4. C’est vraiment une très belle histoire d’amour que Lee Brazil a écrite, je ne connaissais pas l’auteur, mais je pense que je vais plonger avec délices dans ces livres. Cette courte nouvelle est absolument délicieuse, romantique et triste à la fois, mais pleine d’espoir, un amour qui s’étend sur plus d’une décennie entre trois amis. Un amour qui a commencé par une amitié indéfectible entre trois adolescents très différents qui vont tout partager, puis doucement cette amiti [...]

    5. 4,5 stars.What a romantic story. A little gem I haven't expected at all. Paul, Morgan and Jason had been inseparable, first as friends, then lovers. It's been ten years since they parted for what was supposed to be a year apart to pursue their dreams. But then Paul dies and Jason and Morgan live their life, try to forget and it takes nine more years till they meet again. There in the park at the bench, where the three of them once planned their dreamsBeautifully written with an emotionally drive [...]

    6. Jason, Paul and Morgan grew up together, best friends and inseparable. As they got older, the friend love turned to true love, and the three were a committed threesome throughout college. On May 26, 2000, they sat together on “their” bench at the park, making plans to meet back on May 26, 2001 to see what had happened during the year. They were deeply in love, all three, but two of them (Paul and Morgan) had job opportunities far away from their home in Colorado. Jason, the artist, was stayi [...]

    7. This is a very short read. Every word, every phrase counts. It's beautifully written, It's a little sad, a little melancholy, a lot hopeful. It's love lost and found. It won't disappoint. I give it a sunrise full of stars.

    8. Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult, but for a man like Morgan, who is not exactly in touch with his emotions in the first place, it becomes an almost impossible task. What makes it even harder is that there used to be three lovers, one of whom died, leaving the other two behind to deal with the loss. The problem is that they can't, because they stay apart for nine years. This is the touching story of the two survivors coming back together, and finally starting the healing [...]

    9. I knew from the description that this was not going to be a light fluffy story, let's face it anyone who thinks a story is going to be light and fluffy when it starts off with what is one of the MCs is dead and the other two haven't seen each other in years is trying really hard to fool themselves. This story was short and intense. I found at the end of it there was a sadness that I just couldn't shake. In spite of that I liked this story immensely or maybe it was because of it, life isn't alway [...]

    10. Gosh, Morgan was like a mosquito in my ear telling the story,so many useless and completely waste of words/ or irrelevant information for example."By the time I'd walked around the corner to where I remembered the rental car place used to be, my feet were damn near frozen, and my hair was soaking wet. I kicked myself for shoving only my driver's license and debit card into my back pocket before leaving for LAX. What the hell was I thinking?"I'm thinking shut- up and talk about something importan [...]

    11. The book starts in the middle as Josh & Morgan meet after a 10 year separation. They were part of a threesome when one of them, Paul, died. After that, Morgan never bothered to return until he gets some painting in the mail. I don't really get this story. When they separate, they're just finishing school and still with the parents so they're all very young. I don't know how they could have built up such a tremendous love of their lives bond out of that especially as they grow up & develo [...]

    12. This short story is written beautifully, with some lovable characters, a sensible plot and many wonderful scenes. The Park at Sunrise gives us glimpses of the trio’s pasts – the moments that are truly unforgettable. It stands true to prove that these three friends did have an exceptional past together. And when I, as a reader, realized what was actually lost, I felt no less devastated than Morgan – the character, from whose point of view, we know of their story.Read the rest of the review [...]

    13. I'm always impressed when an author can write a short story or novella and can accomplish the feat of exposing all the emotion and tenderness in just a few pages.This story is tender, heartbreaking, and yet completely satisfying with its HEA conclusion.I loved the heart strings that it pulled out of me.

    14. Ce petit roman se lit d’une traite sans s’arrêter. Il s’agit d’une histoire adorable sur un trio amoureux mais que la vie va transformer en duo.Au travers de réminiscence du passé, Morgan va au fur et à mesure ouvrir enfin son coeur et voir qu’il est passé à côté de quelque chose.Jason, Morgan et Paul étaient plus que des meilleurs amis, ils étaient des amants mais suite au décès de Paul, une promesse faite à trois n’a pas été tenue, le temps est venu d’y faire face. [...]

    15. I’ve read several books by Lee Brazil and I’ve liked them all. Lee writes emotionally driven stories that often live with me long after I finish reading the story, so I had a feeling after I read the blurb to The Park at Sunrise, this was going to be another example of the author’s amazing storytelling ability.The blurb does an excellent job at describing the story, so I won’t rehash it. I will say that ever since Paul’s untimely death, both Morgan and Jason have been going through the [...]

    16. Une romance toute en douceur, qui fait du lecteur le spectateur privilégié de cette histoire, avec en toile de fond ce joli parc qui symbolise tant pour ces hommesLe format court est paradoxalement parfait, on n'en voudrait pas plus, car le but premier de cette nouvelle est d'assister à ce moment charnière dans la vie de Morgan.La romance est belle, douce, teintée de mélancolie et de poésie Et la traduction colle parfaitement à cette atmosphère. Un très bon moment de lecture, que je co [...]

    17. (Jul) This was a short story about lovers who were part of a triad, until one of their members died. For reasons not really delved into, the two remaining men then parted (did they see each other at the funeral?!) and 10 years later one reaches out to the other. There is strain between them, a lot left unsaid, but they somehow manage to find their way into bed and back to one another in a scant few pages. Ok, but would have made a much better story with more details filled in.

    18. A bit of a bitter sweet kind of read. I always did have a thing for characters who displayed analytical thinking. Morgan is a bit awkward and I like that he has to struggle to get what he feels out. It seems more thoughtful and more heart felt that way. The imagery the author tried to draw for readers was nice and helped to better allude to the type of mindset Morgan was in. I kind of wished Jason was a bit more assertive, just so the story could have moved a bit quicker than it did.

    19. A short, poignant story, well told and leaving me wanting more!Morgan comes home 9 years after he promised to, meeting up with Jason again, to work through their loss of Paul (over 9 yrs ago).Both have been bottling up feelings and emotions and they have to work at these to get to their own beginning.Nice, hopeful ending.

    20. Beautifully written gay male romance!This one pulls at your heart strings, and makes you worry just a little that the two can't get back what they once had with Paul being gone. Thankfully, in the end it all worked out perfectly. Not my first read by Mr. Brazil and won't be my last, for sure! Highly recommended read!

    21. The basic idea behind this short M/M romance is original and rich of potential.Delicacy of touch and fastidious characterization are unfortunately needed to fulfill such a demanding psychological watercolour. Ms Brazil's writing is decent but certainly not up to this task and the end result lacks subtlety, it is sweet but conventional and, at the end of the day, forgettable.

    22. Voilà une trés jolie nouvelle MM, pleine de finesse. A la fois romantique, mélancolique, sexy et pleine de tendresse. J'ai beaucoup aimé, et pour une fois, le format court n'est pas frustrant, l'histoire étant complète, et trés belle. Je ne connaissais pas cet auteur, mais j'espère que nous aurons l'occasion de découvrir certains de ses romans en VF

    23. That was a surprisingly touching and emotional read. "The cold seeped through the inadquate leather soles of my knee-high black boots, chilling my feet. Once I'd known how to dress for the cold. Once cold hadn't mattered. I'd had their warmth to keep me warm."

    24. 4.5 stars--a sweet short story of love lost and love found again many years later despite pain, abandonment and neglect. Good memories live on; the hurt fades away; true love wins; joy blossoms.

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