Bay's Mercenary

Bay s Mercenary Bay went from tortured human captive to exotic alien pet in a heartbeat Zargonnii warrior mercenaries are like nothing she has ever seen before What do they want from her The unearthly world Bay is ta

  • Title: Bay's Mercenary
  • Author: C.L. Scholey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bay went from tortured human captive to exotic alien pet in a heartbeat Zargonnii warrior mercenaries are like nothing she has ever seen before What do they want from her The unearthly world Bay is taken to is fascinating, frightening and a lot different from Earth Zargonnii males have never seen a small, vulnerable female Their females are huge, aggressive, dominant Bay went from tortured human captive to exotic alien pet in a heartbeat Zargonnii warrior mercenaries are like nothing she has ever seen before What do they want from her The unearthly world Bay is taken to is fascinating, frightening and a lot different from Earth Zargonnii males have never seen a small, vulnerable female Their females are huge, aggressive, dominant and the two sexes live apart for safety reasons.Zane finds himself saddled with a bald, unusual pet Earth female Females are anything but vulnerable in his world This female is an oddity, and for some reason, his new pet brings on his mating cycle Zane is mortified, until he discovers this intelligent pet of his has a secret she s no pet at all It takes everything in Zane s power to control the temptation of his kind s breeding habits until he can control it no .

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    1. ★Book Basics★ Genre: - Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance Series: - 1st in the seriesLove triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - yesRating - 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars★Review★I started this series, but really think I should read her other series New World first, not that there are any cross over characters as such, just the history of the Earthers etc. I [...]

    2. ~first edited in Dec 2013~Yet another book I had to mark down from 5 stars to 4 (I don't know why I gave it 5 stars to begin with), because it didn't have excellent world building, great character development and memorable romance as well as prose that make you swoon. But it was a fun read, at times hilarious, entertaining and an excellent way to pass the time. Reading these types of books helps me to relax and refresh my reading palate, it's like a mini holiday before starting more stimulating, [...]

    3. Sadly there's really nothing redeeming about this book. I bought this specifically because I enjoy alien romances (romance, erotica etc) but this is the kind of book that gives the genre a bad reputation (for being badly written, unoriginal, no plot etc). My biggest complaint is bad world-building - the heroine leaves a dying earth, lands on a planet which turns out to have hostile citizens, leading to the heroine being captured and sold. She ends up in another planet inhabited by beast like ali [...]

    4. *** Re-read in Jan 2017This book is told from multiple POV, both Bay and the aliens.*** SPOILER WARNING ***The first chapter is told from the POV of the Zargonnii alien. It amused the hell out of me. Imagine an alien race that looks kind of like bigfoot. Really big, lots of fur, claws, fangs, very strong & tough.Blu has just purchased an "earth female" off a Tonan. It is not sexual in any way. He is buying it for his friend Zane whose pet toff has recently died.The aliens keep speaking about [...]

    5. 4 starsThis was a very good story. I really liked both Bay and Zane and enjoyed their story. This isn't a really unique storyline (kidnapped human ends up with a hot hunk of an alien) but it wasn't boring at all and I found I liked it a lot. This is the first book I've read by this author and I do plan to read more of her work in the future.Bay is 26 and escaped from Earth with other humans when the Earth ends in an apocalyptic way. When their spaceship arrives at the planet that was supposed to [...]

    6. This is going to sound weird, but stick with me. The story isn't anything special, but at the same time it's totally unique. And it's not unique in a bad way. But it's kinda ridiculous, so it's not exactly unique in a good way, either. Let me try to explain a little bit.Earth is basically kaput and our MC, Bay, escaped for the safe haven of another planet. That planet wasn't so much a safe haven as it was a battlefield and poor Bay is kidnapped - because of reasons - and hauled off to be beaten, [...]

    7. 3 1/2 stars. Not bad but some of the things in this book were hard to believe, and I don't mind having stories with situations or ideas that won't happen in real life but these were kind of out there. I will say this book kept me hooked and reading till late at night, and I loved the different elements of this book. I have said it before but I really appreciate when a book has original ideas in it. The hero was super possessive, so much so he would go into a natural fighting/protective mode for [...]

    8. So even though I hadn't reviewed this on GRs once I was into this I realized I had already read it. So it was decent. I really liked the first part where they thought she was a pet and the one guy had bought her for his nephew who had just lost his last alien dog.Once the hero figured out that she was sentient the story went rapidly downhill. I didn't like the dialog. It was a whole bunch of unrealistic long winded explanations and then insta love.

    9. Light on character development and plot, but good if you’re in the mood for sweet and cute.Imagine yourself in an alien world. They think you are a pet like a puppy, giving you food to reward you, hitting your nose if you’re bad. Interesting and different as a plot. And it stays interesting after Bay (the female human) is able to speak and have sex with the alien dad. The ending was too syrupy sweet for me.(view spoiler)[Oohs and aahs over a newborn baby - It was a fitting end but it felt to [...]

    10. Good to read when I don't want to do any heavy lifting mentally. Quick read. Characters one-dimensional.Instead of an lol I had a QUIRK OF THE LIPS. XDwill keep author in mind for when my brain needs to rest.

    11. I kind of liked it. Totally weird and the sex scenes did nothing for me but I was totally entranced with the aliens and their world.

    12. What she said: /review/show. It wasn't sexy, it wasn't erotic, it wasn't interesting nor well written. But it was flat, does it count?

    13. I'm so confused. This is the second book I've read by this author and the quality of writing couldn't have been more different.This one was sweet, funny, and had some really interesting world building. I really liked it. I want to read more of this series.If this is an indication of how quickly this author improves, I look forward to some really great things from them in the future.4.5, almost rounded up to 5.

    14. I am really craving alien, sci-fi romance! But there is just not a lot of decent writing out there. Bay's Mercenary seemed promising at first. It had a pretty funny set up- one that could actually happen in a scifi world! The heroine, Bay, is taken captive in a inter-civilizational conflict and sold across the galaxy to an alien buyer - but as a pet not a slave! Her buyer thinks she's cute- and no smarter than a dog. This promises so much humor and room for exploration of language, intelligence [...]

    15. Ok, I'll be honest, I went into this book with low, even cynical, expectations and surprisingly I ended up really liking this book. But don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean it's a "good book".My reasons for liking Bay's Mercenary so much was the absolutely insane characters and the fun but sweet story. It starts off with the heroine playing dumb to try and protect herself first from her abusive capture and then from a group of large, strange aliens that she wasn't sure she could trust not to hu [...]

    16. Bay's Mercenary (Unearthly World, #1) by C. L. Scholey4.5 Stars!!!This is a 'breakoff' series about the same group of Earth survivors from the 'New World' series. It's not necessary to read that series because the author does fill us in some on the background there, but it would be helpful. Also, I liked most of the books in that series a lot.Bay is a woman that escaped the devastation on Earth only to find herself in a cave on the planet Ulsy hiding from the warring Tonans and Castians. She is [...]

    17. A rather quirky romance. Definitely written from a premise that I hadn't considered for a romance base. This is an alien-human connection, but with an ironic twist. Picture a huge, partially furry, beast-like creature from another world with intelligence, compassion, and empathy ~~ traits that contradict his appearance. Then, imagine a small, frail, human female caught, kept in a cage, and sold as a pet into this alien world. Additionally, treated just like a pet by caring pet owners until it is [...]

    18. I actually enjoyed the story a lot.It was fun to see that bay was not recognized as a woman but as an animal/ pet by the Zargonii warrior Blue.I loved her interaction with Zane and his son Draven.I was introduced to the world of Zargonii, different creatures than the normal humanoid aliens from the books.Their mating habits were interesting as well as their planet. Finally males were dominated.Poor Zane was thinking he is losing it by being attracted by his pet. He was so sweet with Bay for his [...]

    19. 4 Stars.Don't judge me but I actually enjoyed this book. The Hero is described to be more different/alien in looks in comparison to the book cover but this doesn't take anything from the story. It's actually quite humorous a few parts had me laughing out loud. It's a short story so not much build up etc. but I still found it to be a good read and it had enough sweet bits in it to make it aaaw worthy. It's weird reading about a human female getting with an alien that actually LOOKS alien but meh [...]

    20. Wow! Such a great and interesting story!Definitely gonna read the next books in the series, I've been trying to find a good author to read since I finished with Laurann Dohner, on what good series and sci-fy / erotica books comes to, and I think it finally happened.The idea on the book with a new raze of aliens is so creative and incredible described, C. L. Scholey's works are gonna be on my TBR pile from now on.

    21. The beginning bit where everyone thought she was a pet was quite interesting, but after her new "owner" figures out she's a real person and that's why he's been getting constant boners it all rapidly goes down hill. The plot was light, the romance was light, the character development was non-existent. At least it was a short read.

    22. This book just didn't have enough character development for me. There was no build up of chemistry, no spark and the plot moved in too many directions. I enjoyed her previous series, but this just felt flat. In addition, the description of Zane's species confused me. I have no real idea what these things look like. That certainly didn't help me connect with the characters.

    23. Uuuhh, ya, ok. Well, that was different. The story moved along nicely, the characters were likeable, nothing wrong, really. Just Zane, well,i was never really able to figure out the description of his character. I'm not really sure what to say about this one.

    24. I SOOOOOO LOVED THIS BOOK! !!!!! I just wish there was more to this series. It was so funny sexy, I can't wait for the next book to come out.

    25. 3.5 starsWeird but good. Good world and character building. The hero was very alien in appearance by his description, not like the book cover.

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