Conduit How do you hide from a killer when he s in your mind Emily Monroe conceals her psychic gift from the world but her abilities are much too strong to keep hidden from an equally gifted killer A savvy p

  • Title: Conduit
  • Author: Angie Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: ebook
  • How do you hide from a killer when he s in your mind Emily Monroe conceals her psychic gift from the world, but her abilities are much too strong to keep hidden from an equally gifted killer A savvy private investigator, she discreetly uses her psychic prowess to solve cases When the police ask her to assist on a new case, she learns the killer they seek is not only psyHow do you hide from a killer when he s in your mind Emily Monroe conceals her psychic gift from the world, but her abilities are much too strong to keep hidden from an equally gifted killer A savvy private investigator, she discreetly uses her psychic prowess to solve cases When the police ask her to assist on a new case, she learns the killer they seek is not only psychic, but is targeting her The killer wants than to invade her mind he wants her Believing they are destined for each other, he uses his victims as conduits to communicate with her, and she hears their screams while they are tortured She opens her minds to help the victims, but it gives him a portal that he uses to lure her to him With the killer taking over her mind, she must somehow stop him before she becomes his next victim.

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      188 Angie Martin
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    1. I can’t write sweet. Or sweetly. When I try, the words pour out like thick treacle that would choke a dead cat. Many writers who attempt it suffer the same problem as I. True sweetness, on the other hand, is never heavy or cloying. It’s a dusting of sentiment with a . . . a nugget of goodness, wholesomeness . . . argh. See? I can’t even define it. Yet, I know it when I read it. It is an elusive ability, and few have it.Ms. Martin’s got it. She’s got it going on.“Um,” you say hesita [...]

    2. *** I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review***This is a tremendous mashup of the suspense/thriller blended with the supernatural. Angie Martin has done a tremendous job of this with Emily Monroe, a good-hearted and kind woman, albeit terribly naive, a psychic working as a private investigator in a partnership with her lifelong best friend. As the novel progresses, Emily is haunted by another psychic, David Noakes, who is murdering women who call out to Emily [...]

    3. Conduit is one of those books that will grip you from page one, and have you thinking about it even when it is over. This is the first book that I have read by Angie Martin, but I must read more. Conduit reminds me of a roller coaster ride. This book starts out by building the reader up with well needed information. Martin starts out with a mind blowing pro-log; that leads into a book that you will never forget.The best part of a roller coaster ride, is when you don't know what is coming next. T [...]

    4. A word of a warning… Once you start reading you can’t stop! Conduit by Angie Martin is a masterpiece. A gripping psychological thriller that lets the ‘bogeyman’ inside your head, making your heart flutter and your hands sweat before you reach the end!Emily is a private investigator with psychic abilities. David is a monster, a serial killer, who believes there’s a psychic bond between Emily and him. David is like a nasty spider, creating his web and slowly trying to wind Emily closer t [...]

    5. I've been a fan of Angie Martin's since I read her debut novel, False Security. There is just something about her unique way to weave her tale that captivated me from the prologue. She did not disappoint me in this aspect with Conduit. In fact, from the very first word, I was sucked into the mind of David, a serial killer with a twist like you've never read before. The story starts with a soul-gripping bang with the word "Death." There is no easing you into the story gently, but when I say this, [...]

    6. Conduit grabs hold and doesn’t let go until the end. I was swept away by the never ending drama, mystery and intrigue. Glued to the pages. Very interesting premise that unfolds before your eyes in the most entertaining way. It was easy to get caught up in this psychological thriller that is filled with mystery and intense knock em out of the park scenes. One after another. This is not only a thriller and suspense novel but at the same time it is blended with the supernatural.This well written [...]

    7. IN EXCHANGE FOR A FAIR AND HONEST REVIEW.Clean sheer horror, if there is such a thing.A killer who works with clinical ease, who can say, “You almost make me want to be a better person.”Martin is a rare and accomplished writer. She uses no gratuitous violence or plot padding in this exquisite work.The writing is mature and well thought out, the editing is great, and there is no excessive gore (even though it’s a murder!) or crude language. She incorporates fascinating descriptions of the w [...]

    8. *Conduit won the Gold Medal in Fiction-Paranormal category in the 2014 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards.*Conduit received a 5-star review from Reader's Favorite in July 2014.Conduit is the start of a series starring savvy private investigator, Emily Monroe. Her psychic abilities are unlike any others seen before, and there is quite the twist on what it means to be psychic. As she goes up against a serial killer with equal talents, Emily must face some tough choices. I hope you enjoy t [...]

    9. 2.5I have to admit that this book just didn't work for me. It might for some readers, to each their own. I have been trying to come up with the right word to describe this (and writing like it), because I encounter it a lot. Maybe someone knows and can help me out. We all recognize a Mary Sue and Gary Stu (sometime Marty Stu), but what do you call it when the whole book--plot, narrations, characters, etc all have a Mary Sue feel to them. Pat, maybe?I actually have a litmus test for this, even if [...]

    10. **** 4 Cranky Stars ****A psychic serial killer, murdered and missing women with seemingly no connection, two police offers, and two private investigators, collide in Conduit.Emily Monroe, private investigator, hides her psychic gifts from the outside world, using them to resolve cases. When the body count keeps rising in the serial killer case, Emily and her best friend/colleague, Cassie Read, are approached by Police to help catch the murderer before he kills again.As events unfold, there is a [...]

    11. This ranks among the best of the paranormal detective books I have ever read. Ace detectives Emily Monroe and Cassie Reid bring something extra to the table with their detective work: Cassie has distinguished herself as an excellent police detective, and Emily uses her psychic abilities to solve mysteries - even when there are no clues to be found.Angie Martin weaves a fascinating tale of a vicious serial killer who tortures and mutilates his victims for a diabolical, twisted purpose. As the tal [...]

    12. Conduit is a heart pounding suspense novel that will grip you from the first sentence! The plot is killer.terally. It's not only a suspense and thriller it also packs a supernatural punch. This book is just totally captivating and will keep you in its clutches until the last word. This is a 5/5 star story and an absolutely recommended read.For a more in depth review go to th3bookworm.wordpress.

    13. Conduit by Angie MartinConduit is the first book of a psychological thriller series by Angie Martin. Private Investigators, Emily Monroe and Cassie Reid run a growing business that is asked to assist the Police Department in a gruesome case involving a serial killer. This is an intense novel and the characters are far more developed and involved than most books I have read within this genre, which is a true credit to its author! The killer, while terrifying, was intriguing and compelling and mad [...]

    14. *I received this book via the author in exchange for my honest opinion, but this in no way affected my thoughts expressed in this review. Originally reviewed on Electively Paige*There is so much I loved about Conduit, that I don't even know where to start! I was lucky enough to have attended the Facebook release party for this book a couple of months ago and it immediately drew my attention. I'm a big fan of mystery/thriller type books, and movies too, but it seems there just aren't very many th [...]

    15. This review contains some (minor) spoilers.Let me start this by saying that I didn't actually finish reading this book; I stopped 80% of the way through. I only kept going for as long as I did because this book has so many 5-star reviews and I thought “it has to get better eventually, right? I’ll keep reading because it just has to get better.” (I also kept going because I was reading this for a book club, but after we realized that every member of our book club dislikes this book, we all [...]

    16. Let me start of by saying this is the first book that I have read by Angie Martin and I really, really enjoyed it. There were times that I was pissed that I had to put it down (it really killed me when I had to get back to work after my lunch break) I needed to know what was going to happen next. Emily is one of the strongest female characters that I have read in a long while. Emily is a private detective with psychic abilities and I am so glad that the author made her a real down to earth perso [...]

    17. Picking up "Conduit" is akin to jumping an empty freight train in a deserted railyard. You jump on board, grappling for a hold, and then you are whisked off to parts unknown. The excitement builds slowly, easing you in. At this point, you're merely a passenger along for the ride. Soon, you meet your fellow passengers, those who will be keeping you company for this journey. The train thunders along, and before you know it, you're white-knuckling it as you plunge at breakneck speed towards the end [...]

    18. Same old, same old clichés. The first chapter or the prologue is told from the victim's perspective. Characters act against simple common sense or any sane person’s better judgment in order to advance the plot (usually the hero/heroine). The heroine goes to meet the killer alone and without telling anyone where she’s going. She even leaves her phone behind so police can’t trace her. The serial killer is this übermensch whose crimes involve a level of organization, knowledge and luck that [...]

    19. A thrill a minute!To say CONDUIT is a thriller is an understatement. From the first page to the harrowing conclusion, this is an absolute page-turner. It is the story of Emily Monroe, a closet psychic and private investigator, who is stalked mentally by another psychic who is also a serial killer. David, the serial killer, uses the strong psychic energy generated by his victims' terror and pain to connect to Emily, who he fantasizes is his true love. Emily and her partner, ex-cop, Cassie, are as [...]

    20. The first thing I'll say about this novel is that it's premise is unique. A sociopathic killer who is also psychic; it's bad enough having a killer after you let alone one who is capable of eventually entering your mind.Conduit is a novel that is psychologically gripping and viscerally terrifying. Emily Monroe, a young psychic investigator, unwittingly has attracted the attention of a man who sees pain and suffering as batteries for his psychic powers.The main plot, one of murder and mystery, is [...]

    21. Ms Martin has done it again with this latest read, Conduit. I am a lover of good thrillers and this is definitely a great suspenseful thriller, in every way. I am a lover of the paranormal genre and this topic was splashed into the story with great effect. I could at this point talk about the plot but I believe that when a really good suspenseful book comes along, the reader should be allowed to savour every page without preconceptions. Emily Monroe and her nemesis, David, Emily's business partn [...]

    22. I was initially hesitant to read this book because I don’t like to read about horrible crimes or anything evil. But I’ve read this author’s other book, and I really enjoyed it. So, I decided to give this one a shot. And I’m so glad I did!Once again, the author does a great job building the characters and the plot. The villain in this book is pure evil. The book is written in third person, so the author was able to have the readers get into the killer’s head. Wow! That’s some talent. [...]

    23. This engrossing story contains an intriguing concept of psychics and their conduits. I need to bond with the characters and Angie Martin does not disappoint. Aside from the suspense-driven plot, heart-hammering situations and frightening glimpse of a serial killer’s mind, we have an amazing support network of female psychics passing along their knowledge. Brilliant character plotting shines when Ms. Martin adds a compassionate male who functions as both Emily’s conduit and romantic interest. [...]

    24. Conduit was a complete surprise for me. Given Angie's education and interest in criminal justice I was expecting a novel that focused more on the technical aspects of forensics with a solid who done it. And while those aspects were definitely present in her story, there were also wonderful characters with fully fleshed out lives and feelings that you believed in and rooted for. This story was so well rounded and I just cannot wait for the upcoming sequels.

    25. ***I received this book as a gift from my sister**Wow!!! Normally I stray from this type of book because I'm a whimp and I get freaked out. And although there were times that the bumps in the night gave me chills, it wasn't so bad that I couldn't keep reading. In fact this book is so good that's all I wanted to doep reading! I loved the, very well done, romantic aspect of the book. The author is a greet writer and story teller. The detail is really good!

    26. This book certainly ticked all the boxes for me when it comes to a five star ranking. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Emily's story, even though the end gave me chills! Miss Martin has clearly researched her topic well, and I could find no fault with the criminological and victimology aspects of the novel. I've read The Boy's Club before, and this one surpasses that, although both are five stars. If you want something that will keep you on edge, with a rapid pace, check out Conduit today!

    27. One of the Best Indie Authors on the Market, reading the Prologue a lone should get you to read this book. She has very detailed, descriptive world and character creations. Reminds me of old school James Patterson with more details.

    28. This review was originally posted on Fanboy Comics.Emily Monroe is a highly effective personal investigator with a hidden secret; her psychic abilities give her an edge in finding things invisible to the more traditional senses. She’s successfully concealed her talents from the non-gifted humans around her, but a chance encounter with another psychic turns Emily into a dark obsession for a man enamored of control and pain. Now, she’s working against the clock with the Wichita police force to [...]

    29. What can I say about “The Conduit”? First of all I would like to say that I am a big fan of stories, be it written or on screen that focus on the characters. I’m in it for the characters and I believe with this story Angie Martin hit a home run in regards to that. Her characters were all very different and easy to tell apart. They had personality that shone from the pages that made me smile. I liked every one of them and the one I wasn’t meant to like? Did his job in creeping me the hell [...]

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