Dark Mirror

Dark Mirror Stardate the twenty fourth century Humanity s greatest dreams have become reality Along with dozens of other sentient races the people of Earth have formed the United Federation of Planets a

  • Title: Dark Mirror
  • Author: Diane Duane
  • ISBN: 9780671793777
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stardate 44010.2 the twenty fourth century Humanity s greatest dreams have become reality Along with dozens of other sentient races, the people of Earth have formed the United Federation of Planets a galactic civilization that governs much of the known universe for the good of all Over the past two centuries, mankind has tamed its basest instincts, and reached the starStardate 44010.2 the twenty fourth century Humanity s greatest dreams have become reality Along with dozens of other sentient races, the people of Earth have formed the United Federation of Planets a galactic civilization that governs much of the known universe for the good of all Over the past two centuries, mankind has tamed its basest instincts, and reached the stars But suppose it hadn t happened that way at all Suppose instead humanity s darkest impulses, its most savage, animalistic desires had triumphed Suppose that the empire mankind made out in the stars was one ruled by terror, where only those willing to brutalize their own kind and their neighbors could survive One hundred years ago, four crewmembers of the U.S.S Enterprise crossed the dimensional barrier and found just such an empire A mirror image of their own universe, populated by nightmare duplicates of their shipmates Barely able to escape with their lives, they returned thankful that the accident that brought them there could not be duplicated Or so they thought.But now the scientists of that empire have found a doorway into our universe Thier plan to destroy from within, to replace one of our starships with one of theirs Their victims the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise NCC 1701 D.

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    1. I love this book! Easily it's one of my personal top ten of the best Star Trek novels that I ever read. Sadly, when on the TV Series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, they developed episodes using the angle of the Mirror Universe, the way that they developed how the Mirror Universe was like then, it left this novel in a non-canonical status. The canonical value of any novel is questionable, but luckily almost any novel of any Star Trek series can fit into the canon of each one. There are some talking [...]

    2. 3.5 to 4.0 stars. I am a fan of Star trek the Next Generation and always liked the concept of the "Mirror Universe" since it first was depicted on the the original series. Here the STNG crew gets the "evil" treatment and it is a lot of fun. Not great literature, but a good read.

    3. Captain Picard and the Next Generation crew find themselves stranded in the Mirror Universe. In this alternate world, the Federation does not exist. Earth is head of an evil Empire. The society is totally totalitarian--thought police, assasinations,cruelty, survival of the fittest in its worst form.This had happened once before by accident--the episode "Mirror, Mirror" from the original Star Trek series. Now the Empire's scientists are trying to creat the transfers between universes--deliberatel [...]

    4. One of the rare instances that something I loved in my childhood holds up as well as I remember! Dark Mirror was a page-turner then, and it was just as compelling now. Diane Duane has a way of crafting a fascinating story that often has high stakes as well as great character moments, examining an important facet of the human condition along the way. Although the conclusion of the story relies heavily on technobabble (and stars Duane often uses ship maneuvers involving stars in the climaxes of he [...]

    5. At the edge of the galaxy, the Enterprise is pulled into the mirror universe by its predatory counterpart. This is my first time reading a spin-off novel for any franchise, which can't help but color my experience; seeing a franchise adapted to text is as interesting as the story itself. A novel allows for significantly more interiority and infodumping. Of the latter there's plenty, not delivered with exceptional grace but building a more thorough view of the mirror universe, particularly its hi [...]

    6. Diane Duane's 1993 Dark Mirror is one of the select Trek novels to have its own article. That speaks to the high quality of this novel, the first to take a look at (a) Mirror Universe in the 24th century.Dark Mirror is set largely in the mirror universe of the original series, where the benevolent Federation was a genocidal Earth-dominated empire and the personalities of the crew were twisted to match. Deep Space Nine took the mirror universe in a rather different direction from Dark Mirror, wh [...]

    7. Overall, this is a pretty great novel, and the author is pretty amazing, but I have one downer point to mention. This is the first 'Next Generation' novel to approach the Mirror Universe first explored in ST:tos. That is more than enough to raise interest and when I first read it, I thought it was excellent. Unfortunately, it does not hold up well. You see, this novel came long before we returned to the mirror universe in ST:ds9 and it never really addresses the fallout from the original series [...]

    8. Dark Mirror is a fun read that satisfies a reader's curiosity on what a TNG-era Mirror Universe crew would be like. A couple aspects I particularly enjoyed were Duane's skill writing Trekkian technobabble, and her use of original characters. On the latter, many Trek novels have issues with OCs overpowering the main characters we really want to read about. Duane strikes a perfect balance, introducing interesting characters like the dolphin-like scientist, Hwii, and Lieutenant Eileen Hessan, and g [...]

    9. Thanks to the class action suit about ebook price fixing, and a lovely $60 payout, I’m catching up on many, many Star Trek novels that I missed during the years when I wasn’t reading them for whatever reason.One such acquisition was the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Dark Mirror, by Diane Duane. It’s TNG’s chance to experience the “mirror universe” we got to see on-screen in both TOS and DS9, and, as I expected it to be, it was well written, with a few moments that really deli [...]

    10. Star Trek Dark Mirror by Diane Duane does a great job encapsulating the mirror universe. In Dark Mirror, The Enterprise is transported into the mirror universe by their darker counterparts. Picard, Troi, and La Forge must travel to the other Enterprise and defeat the mirror crew. This story has a dark tone fitting the use of the mirror universe, though the alien dolphin helps make some lighter moments (it makes sense in context). In this story we get to see the characters forced to deal with see [...]

    11. Dark Mirror was a very fun book to read. It reads as an episode would air: major plot twists and cliffhangers at every commercial (chapter) break! I have always been a fan of the Mirror Universe episodes on Star Trek. And this made me pick up this book the moment I saw it at the used book store. Having watched the DS9 Mirror episodes before reading this book, and realizing that this book was written before those episodes aired, was a shock to see how different the cannon can be. I enjoyed how ea [...]

    12. While I found the start of this book enjoyable, I found the meat of the it a little too mired in pseudo-technical jargon that made little to no sense, as well as the nagging feeling that the story directly conflicts with the mirror universe episodes from DS9. The climax did not endear itself to me, since it took the earlier issues and squared them, but I did enjoy the resolution.

    13. The Next Generation never got a Mirror Universe show but DS9 did. However the DS Mirror Universe isnt as good IMHO as the universe written in Dark Mirror. Imagine an Enterprise D crew that is like of the TOS episode "Mirror Mirror". Its a very fun read and I love Diane Duane's portrayal of the characters for TNG both normal and the mirror universe.

    14. I liked how Diane has written the same characters with different characteristics - a challenge in itself, I believe. The story intertwines two universes working against each other and it perfectly laid out. Excellent book.

    15. This was more intellectual than a couple other Star Trek novels I've read and the author captured quite a bit of technical babble that sounded very convincing. This book highlights Picard, Troi, and La Forge but I'm looking for a book that incorporates more of the full crew.

    16. The first Star Trek book I ever read (when I was in third grade!) It took me two years to finish it. After that, all things Star Trek became my drug of choice. Still addicted! Yay!

    17. Dark Mirror takes one of the arguably most popular Star Trek casts, Next Generation, and thrusts them into the dark universe first introduced in the original series episode "Mirror, Mirror". The Next Gen series doesn't really explore this universe, so it's really fun to see how the characters interact with their and other counterparts. The book reads like an episode of the show, with the added bonus of getting a sneak peak into the heads of Captain Picard, Counselor Troi, Commander Riker, and Li [...]

    18. When I began reading this book, a blog I follow happened to feature a review, and I replied in the comments how Duane seemed to have a prosaic mode when she began writing it. The blogger challenged my description of "prosaic." The thing is, when I used the term I thought its definition matched what it sounded like, and as it happens, the complete opposite is true. "Prosaic" sounds flowery, but it in fact means prose that is dull.All of which is to say, Dark Mirror may be the last Star Trek book [...]

    19. Diane Duane does it again. She is definitely the master when it comes to a creative, well-written Star Trek story. To my knowledge, this was her first foray into Next-Gen and she did a great job of capturing the characters and fashioned a mainly Picard/Troi/Laforge centric story. Hwiii was a fun character though did fall into the usual trap in Star Trek books with new characters being amazing at everything and everybody liking them and joking around. It wasn't too overwhelming, however, and the [...]

    20. This was my first exposure to Star Trek novelizations and I found that I enjoyed it - both as a fan of TNG and the "Mirror Universe."I enjoyed getting to see the "evil" versions of Picard, Wesley, Beverly, Geordi, Deanna, and others. Dark!Deanna Troi was easily the most twisted of the bunch. She used her knowledge of psychology along with her Betazoid abilities to rule over many on the ISS Enterprise. Her scenes were definitely ones that made me nervous, but also made me curious. The physics of [...]

    21. Like the TOS episode Mirror Mirror this book leaves you wanting more. Dark Mirror reads almost like a TNG episode, but there are nuggets of depth here when it comes to fleshing out the regulars and also creating disturbing or creepy Mirror counterparts. It's a safe book which really does stick to the format of the TV show, but the story is wonderfully tense and the little nuggets we get about this dark world are intriguing. I can nitpick here and there, but why? I enjoyed it. If you are turned o [...]

    22. True to the series This is the first Star Trek book I've read. I've been reluctant to get into them because I was afraid the tone wouldn't match what I've come to like about the TV series. My concerns turned out to be unfounded (for this one book, at least) as it was effortless to picture this as an actual episode of the show itself. Very good.

    23. I once bought this randomly on a vacation from a secondhand shop and must have read it at LEAST twice through the couple of days I was there. I remember it being so vicious and it moved like a bullet. That’s my earliest memory of the Trek EU. I never had a chance.

    24. I highly recommend this book for Young Wizards fans because holy cow how did she sneak all that past Paramount?Oh, and the Trek characterization is interesting and raises some thoughtful questions.

    25. I found the characters didn't properly portray their personalities from the show. And I'm not just referring to the mirror counterparts. But lol space dolphins. Oh the ocean puns and metaphors!

    26. Next Gen in the Mirror Universe13 February 2012 This book is based on one of the better Star Trek episodes that I had seen, though I am not really a big fan of the series. For some reason there seems to be competition between the lovers of Star Wars and the lovers of Star Trek, and me I would generally fall into the Star Wars category simply because nobody seems to include Doctor Who in the competition. I like Star Wars much better that Star Trek, but I like Doctor Who much better than both of t [...]

    27. What is one thing that every Star Trek fan that has watched every series would want to see (besides Worf winning a one-one-one battle)? A Mirror Universe Enterprise D! Explored for all of one episode in the Original Series and fleshed out especially well in a couple of Deep Space Nine episodes, the Mirror Universe shows us the alternate lives of our beloved characters in a more barbaric galaxy. In The Next Generation, we got to see several alternate Enterprises, including a desperately outnumber [...]

    28. In the 1990s, I received the audiobook as a gift. John de Lancie ("Q") can read those books to me anytime. He has such a velvety smooth voice that I often didn't pay attention to the story. I still enjoyed the experience, though. (And no -- Q does not appear in this story.)Flash-forward 20 years. I found this in my local library and thought I'd finally be able to pay attention to the story since I wouldn't be hearing John de Lancie read it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there was a dolph [...]

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