A Gentleman of Fortune

A Gentleman of Fortune With all the charm of a Georgette Heyer novel the sequel to Bellfield Hall finds Miss Dido Kent vacationing at the home of her cousin When a neighbor passes away quite suddenly Dido feels she is ide

  • Title: A Gentleman of Fortune
  • Author: Anna Dean
  • ISBN: 9780749007256
  • Page: 430
  • Format: None
  • With all the charm of a Georgette Heyer novel, the sequel to Bellfield Hall finds Miss Dido Kent vacationing at the home of her cousin When a neighbor passes away quite suddenly, Dido feels she is ideally placed to observe the reaction of the community, but her suitor, Mr William Lomax, feels otherwise As Dido presses on, she learns about the dirty dealings amongWith all the charm of a Georgette Heyer novel, the sequel to Bellfield Hall finds Miss Dido Kent vacationing at the home of her cousin When a neighbor passes away quite suddenly, Dido feels she is ideally placed to observe the reaction of the community, but her suitor, Mr William Lomax, feels otherwise As Dido presses on, she learns about the dirty dealings among the upper classes of Surrey than even she could have imagined Anna Dean has crafted a delightful historical mystery series the next best thing to reading Jane Austen.

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    1 thought on “A Gentleman of Fortune”

    1. The book opened with Miss Dido Kent writing a letter to her sister, in her usual droll style, and I absolutely loved it! I am a huge fan of dry wit and subtle innuendo, and Miss Kent had that in spades. But somewhere along the way, Miss Kent got very annoying and started to come across as a smug, know-it-all busybody. There is nothing so unappealing as a woman who considers herself to be much more clever and intelligent than anyone around her… and flaunts it in everyone’s face.Other reviewer [...]

    2. A GENTLEMAN OF FORTUNE (Hist. Mys-Dido Kent-England-1806/Georgian) – VGDean, Anna – 2nd in seriesAllison & Busby Limited, 2009, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780749007256First Sentence: My Dear Eliza, The great Mrs. Lansdale is no more.Miss Dido Kent is 35, without fortune and unmarried. Due to her situation, she finds herself ‘loaned’ out to various relatives to act in various unpaid roles. In this instance, she is on holiday at her cousin Flora’s home in Richmond and is becoming rather [...]

    3. Anna Dean captures the Georgian period and the Georgian language admirably in this mystery novel that features a Jane Austenish heroine.A letter runs through the whole book, keeping the recipient up-to-date with happenings in the mystery that is developing; it is very much in the style of Jane's letters to Cassandra. And when we get to examine the mystery itself, it is has the feel of Mrs Gaskell's 'Cranford' but with much more intrigue - once again the feel for the period is well captured as th [...]

    4. Miss Dido Kent is again visiting a relative, this time her cousin in Richmond. She has, as maiden aunts tended to do in the 19th century, been going from one relative to another helping out with new babies and ailing uncles and she has been asked to stay with Flora just to relax and enjoy herself . .To read the rest of my review go to my blog at:maryslibrary.typepad/my_we

    5. I adored the first book in this series (A Moment of Silence), which combines two of my great loves - the Regency era, and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple-style amateur sleuth. So this one was a no-brainer. It isn’t quite as successful as the first book, but it’s still a delightfully enjoyable read. The writing is authentically Austen-esque, the mystery is intriguing and the sleuthing rattles along at a merry pace.In fact, it’s almost too fast a pace. Our amateur detective, Miss Dido Kent, [...]

    6. Herein Dido is staying with her cousin, Flora, in the village of Richmond. A neighbor, Mrs. Lansdale, has died suddenly, and there is a distressing rumor going about that the old woman's nephew hastened her end with a hefty dose of laudanum – and this rumor is particularly distressing to Flora, who is (rather inappropriately) fond of said nephew. Naturally, Dido embarks on an investigation into the case, which, as murder investigations often do, ends up unearthing more than one peripheral secr [...]

    7. While the take-off of Emma is a little too plain (the strawberry picking party, the alphabet game, the secret messages regarding a (view spoiler)[hidden love affair kept hidden because of the man's disapproving aunt until her convenient death sent as part of the game, the young woman in the affair having to leave home as a governess, the engagement disguised by attentions paid to another woman without concern for her heart (hide spoiler)]), I enjoyed this installment of the Dido Kent mysteries a [...]

    8. This is a tough book to review. Objectively, I think it was of very good quality: a well written, smart and even insightful mystery. Subjectively, though, I just didn't enjoy reading it all that much.Mysteries are usually 'unputdownable' for me. Even when they're not exactly of Christie-esque quality, I find myself compelled to discover 'whondunit' and how the puzzle pieces do (or don't!) ultimately fit together. In this case, though, I found myself putting the book down for long stretches of ti [...]

    9. A Gentleman of Fortune makes a very interesting contrast to Stephanie Barron's Austen mystery series. Dean's books are more gentle, less sensational, a bit less detailed about Regency life, but more in line with Austen's early themes. I enjoyed the moral components of the tale and enjoyed the solution immensely and found it in spirit with the style of the book. I cannot honestly agree with other reviewers that the style of writing is Austen's -- there is a serious lack of comedic description tha [...]

    10. Another fabulous addition to the Dido Kent series.In this installment, we're treated to the same satirical wit of Miss Dido Kent that we got to enjoy in the first book, and get to follow her as she solves another murder. As mentioned in my review of the first book in the series, we get to see a little more of the romance (not so subtly) hinted at from the end of that book. And again, I felt truly immersed in the period.All in all, a great second novel of a great series, and I will be looking for [...]

    11. Fun little Regency mystery -- very light and cozy -- but not worth the exorbitant price I paid for an import copy. Some repetition in character voices, though it could be argued that this was intentional re: conversational style of the era. Not terribly compelled to read other books featuring Dido Kent, but wouldn't be opposed to it as a beach read or similar.

    12. It was a nice book. Think Jane Austen timeframe meets lady detective storyline. I didn't guess the outcome of the case (but I usually don't) but the storyline pulled it along nicely.The story is not necessarily a fast paced one but not too slow either.

    13. I'm beginning to be fond on Miss Dido Kent. This tale was even better than the first. Lots of twists and turns!.

    14. Highly refreshing and a compelling un-put-down-able read! I disagree with most of the others who have given the author credit mostly for her imitation of Jane Austen in terms of language and the depiction of the period. I congratulate the author for:* such an endearing clear-minded strongly determined, and clever and homely who-dun-it investigator as Dido Kent; she was like Miss Marple and much more;*for the unthinkable solution to the main mystery in the book;*for the innumerable small intrigue [...]

    15. fairly lame detective not likely to read this author again, but had to read something and all my favorite mystery authors had run out of producing more mysteries for me to read! So, what's a mystery addict supposed to do? Not too sure about this author's logic regarding the murder 'weapon' - laudnum, in this case. The solution is that, unknown to the others, four people each gave her the dose she was usually accustomed to taking, and it killed her. Yet, I understand from good medical authority, [...]

    16. I enjoyed this, although I found the second half harder reading than the first. I like Dido and the writing style of this really appeals to me, but it all got a bit convoluted as it twisted and turned and although the denoument was actually quite satisfying in the end it felt like it had been a bit of a slog at times to get there.

    17. Love it! This is a wonderful, easy read. What I really like about it is the complexity of the storyline. The author does an amazing job adding a few twists and turns and giving the reader clues without the reader knowing it. Would definitely recommend this book.

    18. A surprisingly satisfactory and multi-faceted mystery !Love the protagonist - different and a great thinker :)

    19. 3.5 stars I liked it but not as much as the first bookMiss Dido Kent, spinster, age five-and-thirty, is visiting her cousin Flora in Surrey. The whole neighborhood is gossiping about the sudden death of Mrs. Lansdale of Knaresborough House. The apothecary, Mr. Vane, claims Mrs. Landale took 4 times her usual dose of opiates before bed and died as a result. Mrs. Midgley, the most gosippy of all neighbors, claims Mrs. Landale's death was too convenient for her nephew who will inherit a fortune. Di [...]

    20. Less than a year after solving the murder mystery that formed the heart of Bellfield Hall, the intrepid and perspicacious spinster Dido Kent is back at it again, this time while on a visit to elegant Richmond in Surrey. Dido has embarked on an extended stay with her cousin Flora, a newly married and foolish young woman, while Flora's husband is gone from home on business. Dido soon comes to hear of the death of a vexatious and demanding old hypochondriac, Mrs. Lansdale, from a sudden seizure. He [...]

    21. At the ripe old age of thirty-five, Miss Dido Kent is most certainly a spinster. At least, in Regency England, she is. As a woman without her own fortune or husband, she is often at the beck and call of her relations, usually to act as a companion or a nurse or to fill some other role for her family.Recently, Dido has come to stay in Richmond with her young cousin Flora Beaumont while her husband has gone away, and the serenity of the town is quite a change from her previous visit to a relation [...]

    22. This is set in the time of Jane Austen (and marketed to that crowd. Honestly, I like historical mysteries, the Regency time period a little less. I find nothing romantic about it). Dido Kent is well on her way to spinster hood and somehow, last book (I’m assuming this is book two) she discovered a penchant for mysteries. She’s undertaking this one to put her cousin, Flora’s mind at ease.Not unexpectedly, Dido is from a wee bit of wealth (what woman who didn’t would have time fro mystery [...]

    23. I picked up this book on a whim, not realizing it was the second in a series - which is irritating, because you always find yourself thinking "would I know who this person is supposed to be if I'd read the first one?" Hate that!Oh well, on with the review: I enjoyed the book as a nice, quick read, but I'll have to say I found it a little too derivative of Jane Austen. There were way too many words and phrases that were cribbed directly from Austen. There was a small bit of intrigue that anyone w [...]

    24. The pace of the story was slower than I expected, so reading it during lunch at work was perfect. A lack of whiz-bang-boom is also better for the digestion! I think the author did her research into the social restrictions during the Regency on ladies in general, and those unmarried & without means, in particular. The story takes place mostly in letters from Dido Kent to her sister & allude to the character of that lady, but it's the real-time action in between which flesh it out. Our her [...]

    25. Once again, this begins with a letter to her sister Eliza, which I found boring & skipped I realize her letters to her sister provide background to the mystery & her thoughts, but I've found that I can easily do without them.Miss Dido Kent (spinster & smart-cookie) is now staying w/ her cousin on "holiday" and she is overcome by "ennui" until a neighbor is found dead and another (most obnoxious) neighbor begins malicious gossip that it is murder committed by the dead woman's nephew. [...]

    26. I bought the 4th of this series in a discount book shop and then found the previous two in charity shops. They looked really promising, "a delicious mixture of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer" said the blurb on one of them. The first comparison seemed unlikely (since no one has succeeded in emulating Jane Austen successfully)but I have enjoyed a good few Georgette Heyer over the years so that was encouraging, as was the claim that Miss Dido Kent was "Miss Marple-esque".Disappointingly, this book [...]

    27. Overall I enjoyed this book. The references to Emma I did find a little overwhelming (picking strawberries, young lady being sent out as a governess, secret engagement covered by attention to another woman, secret messages being passed in company by use of "alphabets", letter anagrams, etc etc).Spoiler alert--I do remain confused about whether Sir Joshua knew or did not know what sort of woman his wife was prior to their marriage. The conversation between Dido and Lady Carisbrooke regarding the [...]

    28. (3.5 stars)The second book in the Dido Kent series takes Dido to visit her cousin Flora. When an older neighbor dies unexpectedly, suspicion falls on her nephew, who is to inherit. As he is her cousin's friend, Dido feels compelled to see if she can help find out if the death was due to natural causes or was suspicious. She begins to find pieces that don't add up: mysterious visitors to the old lady when she should have been asleep, absence of her caretakers on mysterious errands, and young ladi [...]

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