Inked Tori Liddell has struggled through her twenties Suffering from undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder she documents her radical lifestyle changes and shifting identity through colorful tattoos A

  • Title: Inked
  • Author: Renda Dodge
  • ISBN: 9781442161658
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tori Liddell has struggled through her twenties Suffering from undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, she documents her radical lifestyle changes and shifting identity through colorful tattoos After years spent disconnecting from family and widening the rift created by absence, Tori returns to small town Oregon to help facilitate the care of her mother, recently diTori Liddell has struggled through her twenties Suffering from undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, she documents her radical lifestyle changes and shifting identity through colorful tattoos After years spent disconnecting from family and widening the rift created by absence, Tori returns to small town Oregon to help facilitate the care of her mother, recently diagnosed with AIDS At her homecoming, she faces an irritable, sick woman she barely recognizes and is forced to sift through her own emotional baggage brought to the surface by the advances of an enigmatic new neighbor Tori searches for the meaning of home in the rubble of her past, but comes to realize that things and people are not always the way she remembered Inked is a window into the life of a woman trying to overcome herself, her choices and a psychological affliction etched under her skin.

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    • Free Read [Sports Book] ☆ Inked - by Renda Dodge ✓
      162 Renda Dodge
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Sports Book] ☆ Inked - by Renda Dodge ✓
      Posted by:Renda Dodge
      Published :2018-05-15T22:08:55+00:00

    1 thought on “Inked”

    1. As far as the story, it was pretty good for about the first 3/4. Then suddenly some rather "big deal"-type things were thrown out into things. And then it justended. Those rather large issues that had just been brought up were left just kinda out there and nothing came of them. I was left feeling like the author had not finished writing the book. I was rather dumbfounded when I tapped my Nook's screen to go to the next page and found the acknowledgements.Another glaring problem was the incredibl [...]

    2. About twenty pages in, it became clear to me that I would not be able to read this book without a pencil in hand. The editing was atrocious. Besides making "into" two separate words throughout the entire novel, there were some pretty serious problems with missing words, a lack of useful commas, inconsistent tenses ("Madeline reached in to [sic:] the pocket in her cardigan sweater, pulled out a little orange pill bottle handing [sic:] it to me"), basic grammar mistakes that a grammar check should [...]

    3. I've always enjoyed well-written novels with complex and deep characters, and Renda has provided that with "Inked". Not only did I find the main character interesting, but her vulnerability came through clearly as well. A tortured and confused young woman, Tori is forced to struggle with her past while dealing with a dying parent. To complicate matters, Tori's internal struggles with love and anger are exacerbated by revelations acquired about her mother, boyfriends, and neighbors along the way. [...]

    4. Cuando leí la sinopsis de Inked, me intrigó tanto que supe que tenía que leerla. Y me gustó en su mayor parte. Tori tiene muchos problemas, vive una vida desenfrenada y odia a todo el mundo: a su mamá, a su jefe que es además su amante, y en general odia a la vida misma. Cuando finalmente tiene que regresar a su pueblo para cuidar de su mamá, las cosas toman un giro inesperado.Si hay algo completamente rescatable de Inked es la facilidad con la que se sienten las emociones de Tori, el cao [...]

    5. Inked is not a typical book in any sense of the word. The main character is captivating and I hesitate to use that word, but she really is. The story itself is potent and that makes it a page turner. If you have ever known someone with Border Line Personality Disorder then you will connect with Tori and see the all too obvious signs that she lives with this chronic and often life changing condition. It is interesting to see how Tori chose to cope with her pain. This book is a little bit like Gir [...]

    6. I thought this was a great book that I'll read repeatedly. The characters were easy to identify with and the plot kept be hooked from beginning to the end!

    7. Inked is a fearless and brutally honest story of a young woman and her messed up relationships. However, the book is a little too heavy for comfort (I'm talking about content here, not the actual weight of the book). Our protagonist, Tori, is an emotional mess. With just about everyone she meets there is this potential for a confrontation. (Kind of like Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill, but without all that killing.) She hates her mother, she hates all her lovers (past and present), she hate [...]

    8. I liked the book, I just had a hard time getting into it. I wasn't fond of the main character, Tori, whose perspective the story is told from. Reading from her point of view sort of clues you in how she thinks and feels and it seems like most of the time she is melancholic and has low self esteem. I am not saying I hate her for that, but it's hard to like her because of the way she thinks and how she treats people. I wanted to hit her when she went to Blake's house and he offered her to stay the [...]

    9. I just recently finished reading "Inked" and was quite impressed when all was said and done. The actual story only spans a few short days but with the use of flashbacks and inner monologue, we get a lot of character development and a consistent plot that keeps you interested in the story. I personally don't read books very often, so when I do it's important that it's written in a what I find easy to read and understand and can keep me interested chapter by chapter and this book does just that. I [...]

    10. I won this book through good reads and was very excited to start it. I think the author did a good job setting up the "invalidating environment" that seems to foster borderline personality disorder, and also illustrated the ambivalence toward relationships that is so common with this disorder. However, I found the main character rather unlikeable (which I think was the authors intent). The character failed to grow, develop, or change over the course of the book, which is probably realistic but d [...]

    11. This book had a lot of gaps and I felt like some scenes were left unfinished. I don't know if this is because the main character had an undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, but I had trouble 'getting' her actions and train of thought. I felt really sorry for Tori and her mother and felt that they could have said so many things to each other and learned to 'deal' with each other instead of just avoiding or screaming. It seemed like proof-reading was not done and it was distracting while r [...]

    12. I've never been so upset about how a book ended. Generally, I don't want to rage about the choices a character makes, but I seriously wanted to slap someone when I read this. I found it, as a survivor of abuse, to be completely nonsensical. No truly healed person would pursue the things that the character did (without giving away spoilers). If you want to read a book about surviving abuse, I'd recommend something else; this will leave you feeling violated all over again. Take a pass on this one. [...]

    13. The premise had me tentatively interested at first, but the story did not seem well thought out (as evidenced in the conclusion, at which point it seemed the author just lost interest in finishing the story). Can't imagine I would have finished this, but it was an incredibly easy read while waiting at the airport.

    14. Not sure what to make of this book. Fiction/Non-Fiction? Memoir? So many dangling pieces of an unfinished story. Horrible editing. The story was interesting enough to finishbut wish it had ended somewhere cohesive.

    15. It had potential but felt like it stopped 3/4 into the story. With another 50 pages and a little follow-up, it could have been great.

    16. I was prepared to like this book, but unfortunately it couldn't hold my interest. It's not anything the author did or didn't do, it just didn't pull me in.

    17. Can I give this book a 1/2 star? Had potential but ended as if the author gave up (after writing 4 drafts, apparently). Don't waste your time.

    18. Heard about this through NaNoWriMo and enjoyed reading something that grew out of that program. Lots of potential here. I look forward to reading more of Dodge's work.

    19. Ok read. I thought the book lacked a completion to the story. There was the whole twist at the end that still felt loose and floating when it ended.

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