Angel The bestselling author of THE THORN BIRDS returns with a novel of laughter passion and than a little magic Sydney s Kings Cross Harriet Purcell leaves her conventional respectable home and res

  • Title: Angel
  • Author: Colleen McCullough
  • ISBN: 9780007199754
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bestselling author of THE THORN BIRDS returns with a novel of laughter, passion and than a little magic 1960, Sydney s Kings Cross Harriet Purcell leaves her conventional, respectable home and respectable, passionless boyfriend and moves into a rooming house owned by Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz There, Harriet finds a life she relishes excitement, adventure andThe bestselling author of THE THORN BIRDS returns with a novel of laughter, passion and than a little magic 1960, Sydney s Kings Cross Harriet Purcell leaves her conventional, respectable home and respectable, passionless boyfriend and moves into a rooming house owned by Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz There, Harriet finds a life she relishes excitement, adventure and passion Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz makes a living from telling fortunes, and is mother to 4 year old Flo Beautiful little Flo is mute, and Harriet comes to love her as if Flo were her own and must protect her at all costs when tragedy strikes Angel is Colleen McCullough at her vintage best, drawing on her own experiences of living in the Cross in the 1960s and writing of a world that has long gone Most of all, it is a tale of a woman s love for a child, and what she is prepared to endure to ensure her survival.

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    1 thought on “Angel”

    1. This story is set in the 1960's in Sydney. Harriet Purcell has started working as an X-ray technician at the Royal Queens Hospital in Sydney. Although Harriet has been warned by her father about what goes on in the Kings Cross district, Harriet still decides to move into Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz's rooming house. Harriet quickly learns that Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz not only runs a rooming house, but also does other things on the side for more income, such as reading tarot cards and staring into her [...]

    2. This was a very disappointing read for me because I expected so much more, both from the ability of the author herself and also from the many good reviews it has had. However it did nothing for me. I found the main character, Harriet, obnoxious, I did not care for the liberal and unnecessary use of swear words and there was too much silly talk about sex. I could not understand how we could possibly be expected to believe that every good looking man who came along fell in love with horrible Harri [...]

    3. Set in the 1960s this tells the story of Harriet Purcell and how she moved away from her conventional family and repressive boyfriend and found love and independence in Kings Cross. Set at a time when women were expected to marry and settle down, giving up their jobs if they had one, Harriet trains to become an X-ray technician at a city hospital and earns enough to rent a small apartment in Kings Cross. She discovers new food, new people and new experiences and gets to meet whores, lesbians, po [...]

    4. What a wonderful book! I have just turned the last page and am already pining for more.First published in 2004, this book is cleverly written as a sort of diaryor rather a story fashioned through the entries in a diary beginning on January 1st 1960 and continuing with regular entries until May 1961.It tells the story of 21 year old Harriett Purcell who, after qualifying as an X-Ray technician and securing a good job position at a Sydney Hospital earning the "coveted" male wage ratewhich is decid [...]

    5. I read Colleen McCullough's Angel as part of a reading challenge, after giving up temporarily on her ponderous First Man in Rome. The instant change of pace to a rollicking read meant I finished this book in a few days; work commitments got in the way of it being any quicker. If I were reading a paper version, I'd have to call it a page turner.The mood was somber in places, laugh out loud funny in others. It was the Aussie slang that made it most fun to read. There's nothing quite like Australia [...]

    6. I wanted to like this, but it always felt like something just didn’t gel in the story.Harriet Purcell works at a hospital in Sydney as an X-ray technician and is in her early - mid-20s (I think), but from the beginning she seemed much more immature than I would have expected - more like an 18 year old (if not younger) at times. This did improve as the story developed, but then she became tedious - either harping on about the tarot cards that her landlady reads or sex (either her lack of it or [...]

    7. An interesting story based on the diary entries of a young 22 year old girl who moves into a boarding house full of very colourful characters in Sydney's Kings Cross during the early 1960's.Really enjoyed the descriptions of the life & times in 1960's Sydney, especially Kings Cross & all its characters, but thought the ending was a bit weird and got really over the "ooohhh aaahh" & HaHaHas by the end. Maybe listening via audio made that more annoying.

    8. Anos 60. Harriet tem 21 anos e é uma jovem decidida e dona do seu nariz, mas infelizmente não tem a melhor das famílias A sua família é machista e preconceituosa e a jovem sente que precisa de conviver com outras pessoas, fazer novas coisas, enfim viver!Na faculdade Harriet conhece entretanto uma rapariga com a qual faz amizade - Pappy e esta "convida-a" para ir viver consigo para uma casa num dos bairros mal afamados de Sidney, a apelidada "Casa dos Anjos" pelas pessoas que nela habitam. H [...]

    9. I don't know what I was expecting to read, but this wasn't it. Don't get me wrong: I LIKED it, I was just surprised. I was expecting something more realistic, more -- grown-up, I suppose. Instead I got a narrator who says "oooooo-aa!" every couple of pages, a psychic/telepathic child, and a completely mad cast of characters. I liked Jim and Bob, I thought it was obvious who Toby fancied right from the start, and Pappy must be riddled with STDs. Chris and Sister Cas hooking up with the Greek New [...]

    10. Absolutely loved this book. It was quirky and heart-warming, amazingly honest and a wonderful description of a culture and a lifestyle I know next to nothing about.Found this inspiring and definitely very good, and will be recommending it for sure!

    11. Absolutely loved ita real 'feel good' book! Loved all the characters, especially Harriot Pursell, Mrs Delvecio Schwartz and of course, Flo! Well worth a read.

    12. Probabilmente il fatto che sia stato scritto sotto forma di diario mi ha coinvolta maggiormente nella storia. Uno spaccato australiano degli anni 60 con temi delicati quali il razzismo, il tabù dell’omosessualità, il soprannaturale, la disparità di genere (in alcuni lavori le donne dovevano licenziarsi quando si sposavano oppure l’esistenza delle cosiddette retribuzioni maschili). Il tutto in un romanzo avvincente e a tratti inquietante, ma che però non è decollato del tutto. Il finale [...]

    13. 5 stars on pure enjoyment scale. I loved this book and it will be one of those that I totally remember. Written by 'Thornbirds' Australian author, Colleeen McCullough, and originally published as 'Angel Puss', I read as relief from serious reading (Sarum, Edward Rutherford). Granted, I seem to have a particularly twisted, nasty sense of humor. The dialogue was totally smart, clever, entertaining, 'wish I could have said that'. Story involves a 21-22 year old bright female in Australia, finished [...]

    14. Not sure how to rate this story of a young woman leaving her home and family to explore living a completely different kind of life than that which she's grown up with and been groomed to repeat. I couldn't recommend it as it explores so many aspects of life that I found distasteful to read about - prostitution, clairvoyance, adultery, homosexuality. And yet there were also very touching, poignant and loving aspects too. Colleen McCullough has not lost her ability to draw a reader in and create c [...]

    15. Honestly do not bother. If it weren't too generous to use the word literary in regards to this book, I would say it was the literary version of the 'Hey! Look at us dumbarse Aussies' theme that the film Crocodile Dundee gave us. Painful overuse and over exaggeration of the Australian slang that is so Aussie we don't even use it in our general conversation. Juvenile narrative, lazy character development and extremely boring. Just awful.

    16. Great! Loved it, almost as good as Thorn Birds. This book is about the life changing people we meet during the course of our life and it makes a good job of considering that important aspect of our lives. I definitely loved it.

    17. COLLEEN MCCULLOUGH "ANGELĖLIS"Colleen - viena mano mėgstamiausių autorių. Sąžiningai, kiek jos knygų skaičiau, tiek visos ir patiko. Nesistengiu kuo greičiau perskaityti visų autorės kūrinių - karts nuo karto pasiimu po vieną, kad vis liktų tų neskaitytų stebuklų. "Angelėlio" tiesiog negalėjau nenusipirkti knygų išpardavime. 1 euras už Colleen knygą - tas pats kas nemokamai.Romanas pasakoja jaunos, maištingos, išsiskiriančios iš ją supančios aplinkos merginos istori [...]

    18. I enjoyed this story. Colleen McCulloch’s Angel is an odd mixture of fantasy, the supernatural, coming of age and social history. Set in the 1960s it depicts some of the newly acquired freedoms for women during that era – getting a job that is paid at (near) male rates, moving out of home while still single, relationship choices and being able to choose one’s friends. I could say that once unleashed from her conservative family home, Harriet makes some incredibly unrealistic choices but as [...]

    19. While I couldn't decide if I liked it or not when I first read it about year or two ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I read it again for Book Club.It's definitely a character-driven book and what colourful characters there are! Set in Kings Cross Sydney in the 1960s, it's a story about one young woman starting her life by moving out of home, starting a career (not a job!), and learning about life. Throw in some family, new friends of different ages, genders and persuasions - as well as a bit [...]

    20. I chose to read this book based on its author Colleen McCullough (writer of the Thornbirds) . I had hoped for more than I got. It was easy to read and held my attention, but I was disappointed with the overall content. Because it is written as a diary I thought it lacked the intensity of a story told in the third person. However, that said, it was a clever idea.

    21. I enjoyed this book, and the author's style. Set in Australia in the 60's, it was a reminder of how far women have come. The main character is ahead of her time, and discovers a community of interesting people, who, to main stream society are eccentric outcasts, but who she can relate with.

    22. It only rated 2 stars as it is a character-driven novel whose characters I did not like. I had higher hopes for this book when I started reading it. By page 200, I was bored. I scanned the rest just to see how it ended.

    23. Storia fluida e mai lenta, alterna parti descrittive a quelle narrative senza dilungarsi troppo sulle prime ma soffermandosi abbastanza su riflessioni per temi delicati soprattutto nell' America degli anni '60 quali l'omosessualità, i bambini con ritardo mentale e la sessualità.Attraverso la coppia di coinquiline lesbiche, Jim e Bob, sono descritti i retroscena del comportamento dei loro familiari e della polizia nei loro confronti, tenuti nascosti per mantenere l'apparenza ritenuta più impor [...]

    24. Harriet Purcell es una joven de 21 años dispuesta a romper con todo: con su familia, con sus amigos de toda la vida, con su novio tiene el novio más soso y deprimente que pueda existir, quiere independizarse de su familia y tener su propia habitación, no dar explicaciones a nadie y tomar sus propias decisiones. Nada más conseguir el diploma de técnica en radiología, empieza a trabajar en el Queens, uno de los grandes hospitales de Sydney por esa época, los años 60. Allí conoce a Pappy, [...]

    25. I started this book months ago, then set it aside to read other more serious and/or interesting things. In part, I found it slow and somewhat boring. I finally picked it up again when I hit a lull in my list. I won't repeat the story line, as other reviewers do a great job of that. Suffice to say that, at some point the story took off, and I could not put it down. The diary-entry format made it easy to read, and while character development was not its strong point, the story of how a 20-ish year [...]

    26. MCCullough is one of my favourite authors and this book about living in King's Cross in the early 1960's did not disappoint. Harriott has a heart of gold, does not tolerate injustice or fools and refuses to be possessed by any one man. A perfect mix of humour, subversiveness and tragedy, this book is told through the lens of an intelligent young woman alive before her time and perfectly suited to adapt.

    27. Letto per caso anni fa, da sempre cercato (ma chi se lo ricordava, il titolo?) e finalmente trovato al mercatino dell'usato :-D magnifico!

    28. Let læselig lille roman om kærlighed, overgangen fra pige til kvinde og begær. Den er god underholdning.

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