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Up until 31 March 2015 cases of drug-related death were reviewed by a Pan-Lothian multiagency group which met monthly. Since then DRD case review is undertaken by six multi-agency locality groups (one in each Edinburgh drug treatment and recovery hub, one in West Lothian and a group for Midlothian and East Lothian). These groups meet regularly to review cases.
The purpose of this new approach of case review is threefold: to ensure that professionals within specialist services are informed of cases in their locality; to involve local practitioners/ managers in case review; and to support the dissemination of learning from DRD case review to local teams and services.
In addition, the Substance Misuse Directorate, NHS Lothian continues to review drug-related deaths where the deceased was in SMD treatment in the year prior to death.

A Lothian DRD Reduction Steering Group has been set-up to bring together
representatives from the locality case review groups with other representatives of Lothian’s Alcohol and Drug Partnerships so that learning is shared and used to inform Lothian-wide approaches to addressing the risks associated with drug-related death.